Answering tough questions

by Henry de Roos, CMI–Canada

9 November 2002

Although Creation Ministries International has a heavy emphasis on the Bible’s Creation account and the creation/evolution issue, our true focus is actually more Biblically broad than that.

CMI is an apologetics ministry, dedicated to equipping Christians to be able to defend the authority of the Bible from the very first verse. Since many questions that cause Christians to stumble in their faith are answered in Genesis (e.g. How do we know there is a God? Why do we have death, suffering and disease in this world? How do dinosaurs fit with the Bible? etc.), CMI exists to help churches fulfill the command in 1 Peter 3:15, to ‘be ready always to give an answer’ (i.e. ‘defense ’).

We have received exciting testimonies from people who have used CMI materials in witnessing situations. Here’s one divine encounter that happened to me last month.

When I arrived at a country church a few hours north of Toronto for a seminar, the only person there was a groundskeeper in his 40s cutting the lawn around the church cemetery. Thinking he might be the church custodian, I approached him and introduced myself. He quickly informed me that he had nothing to do with the church and was simply under contract to cut the grass. Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to invite him to the seminar that night.

He brushed off the invitation with a comment about why in the world would he want to go to a seminar on ‘those topics!’ So I told him! I explained that the Bible is an accurate account of history. Therefore, it is crucial that we understand what it says about our past so that we can know what life is all about! He seemed a little more interested at this point, and it prompted me to retrieve the booklet Is There Really a God? from my car. I wished him a good day and encouraged him to visit our Web site on the back of the booklet to get more information that would answer his other questions. The moment I gave him that booklet, he broke down and blurted out, ‘I don’t believe this! Just 30 minutes before you arrived, as I was mowing the grass in this cemetery, I was asking myself this very question “Is there really a God?” Now you are here talking to me with the answer to this question!’

He spent the next 20 minutes opening his heart to me. I asked him if we could pray together and ask our wonderful Creator, God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, to come into his life. He agreed, and later, praise God, he left that church cemetery a changed man, sins forgiven. From death to life!

Encounters like these make life so thrilling. Oh, how wonderful to be available for the Lord—and to reach the lost for Him, for His honour and glory! May I encourage you to pass along some of our unique witnessing booklets to someone in your travels, asking the Lord of the harvest to bless your efforts. It’s truly amazing what He can do.

Published: 3 February 2006