Baffin Island Ministry Receives CMI Materials

This testimony was received at CMI in Canada, from M.O., who is a missionary on Baffin Island. Recently, some CMI materials (12 video series, Creation Evangelism [now Why Won't They Listen] and some booklets) were sent to M.O. because of a donation from an CMI supporter who wanted us to send materials to where they would be most helpful. If you would like more information on supporting CMI, please see our Get Involved page.

The main reason I'm writing is to let you know about the impact of the material you sent me. One young man was so impressed with the approach of creation/Genesis evangelism that he is now at Bible school in Alberta studying to become a creation science school teacher. He watched all the videos and read the books you had sent.

Another young girl at church, 17 yrs old, was also influenced to the point of making a decision for Jesus. She was a runaway from Alberta and was working as a waitress at a hotel where a brother and I would meet for breakfast and prayer every Wednesday morning. We began first to pray for her then witness to her and give her tracts along with a healthy tip.

One day she quit and we didn't see her for about two months, suddenly she showed up at church. She's very lively and had lots of questions and just kept coming but still was struggling in her mind about what she had learned at school and evolution, etc. We had group over at my house one night and watched one of the videos which answered a lot of her questions and helped her make a decision for Jesus. She immediately depleted our tract rack and gave them out all over town telling everyone about Jesus and standing up to arguments about evolution which was quite an issue with several people.

The scripture, ‘Honour your mother and father’ was impressed on her for a period of time by the Holy Spirit so she just recently returned to Alberta to get things right with her family. Praise the Lord for His power!

There are several teachers that I want to make the videos available to, I believe God is opening the door. There has been a new hunger and openess here to the things of God and we are believing Him for a revival.