Prof. Dr. Benno Alexander Zuiddam



Benno Alexander Zuiddam D.Th. (Church History) Ph.D. (Greek) is an ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church and teaches traditional Christian ethics at the VU (Free University) Amsterdam. He formerly served as a professor of New Testament studies (extraordinary associate) with the School for Biblical studies and Ancient Languages at North West University (Potchefstroom, South Africa, from 2008-2017), and has been affiliated with the research unit of its Faculty of Theology since.

Prof. Zuiddam has published in a great variety of peer-reviewed journals, including international publications in the fields of Greek and Old Testament Studies. He also authored an in-depth study on the authority of the Scriptures in the early church. His research focuses on divine revelation and its validity and implications for Christian worldview and ethics. 

Dr Zuiddam specializes in early Christian and biblical literature and the Greco-Roman world, but also takes a professional interest in theological liberalism and the theological implications of the results in those respective fields for the creation debate. Dr Zuiddam is an elected fellow of the South African Academy of Science and Arts. His most recent book, in Dutch, translates to: People like yourself, 31 days with the early Church shows how the early Church provides answers for most issues that Christians face today—De Banier Publishers: debanier.nl/mensen-zoals-jij


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