Biblical resources provide assurance and grow faith.

I am currently in my third year in university where I am studying to be a science teacher. At this moment I am studying for a mid term in two subjects where the textbooks totally promote evolution and go against the bible in many outright ways.

At first this term I was quite upset by all these facts that went against what I believed. Then I came upon your website and also I got ahold of your magazines and quite a bit of your literature. Every since I have been reading non stop on creation and what Creationists have to say.

I just want to say a huge thank you. Your ministry is so amazing to people like me. Being 20 I have so much to learn. Having your resources available to me has reasurred and grown my faith.

I used to read my textbook and at times question what I believed in. Having your resources available has shown me to never doubt in a 6 day creation, a worldwide flood and of course the existence of Jesus Christ.

Praise the Lord for servants of God like you all. You have truly blessed me and all those so far who I’ve been able to uplift by your wonderful information.

Again, God bless you all and I thank you.




Published: 4 February 2006