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‘Black Sea flood’ mistake?

14 September 2000

From D.O. of Ontario, Canada (indented text). The response by Dr Tas Walker, Creation Ministries International–Australia immediately follows his letter.

‘Why could not this black sea flood been a part of the biblical global flood. the scientists maybe saying otherwise, but i see this as evidence that there was a biblical global flood and this little area is just one part that it affected. to dismiss that aspect by you, i think is wrong. hopefully other sites will be found around the globe and that in turn will give more proof of the biblical account. thank you’

Thank you for your email about the Black Sea flood. You seem concerned that we are dismissing evidence for a worldwide Flood as described in the Bible.

On the contrary we do not dismiss the evidence for Noah’s Flood. We know that there was a worldwide Flood because the Bible describes it, and does so in considerable detail. And we find evidence around us that fits with what the Bible says. For example, all over the world, even on the highest mountains we find the remains of dead creatures that have been buried in mud and sand laid down by huge watery catastrophe. These fossils are of marine and terrestrial animals and are buried everywhere. We also find lots of vegetation that has been buried by the Flood, and this has turned to coal and oil and we use it for fuel. We have published lots of articles in our Creation magazine and the Journal of Creation describing this evidence and showing how it fits the biblical record of Noah’s Flood.

However, evolutionary scientists dismiss this clear evidence for the worldwide Flood because they do not believe the Bible is historically reliable. They are committed to interpreting the evidence using slow-and-gradual processes over millions of years. There are lots of problems with this interpretation, as we point out in Creation magazine and the Journal of Creation.

When it comes to the Black Sea flood, it is clear (as described in our web article), that the Black Sea flood does not match Noah’s Flood as recorded in the Bible. In spite of this, the secular scientists are keen to link this with Noah’s Flood. Again, this is because they do not regard the Bible as historically accurate. Even though the Black Sea flood was not a global flood, but just a local flooding of a small area around the Black Sea, they are quite happy to say the Black Sea flood was Noah’s Flood. They say that the Bible got it wrong. Not so. They are the ones who got it wrong. They have dismissed the evidence for the real, global, Flood of Noah, and wrongly linked a local flood that occurred many hundreds of years afterwards.

Thanks for your email. I hope this answers your question.

Published: 1 February 2006