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Creation 16(3):47, June 1994

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Book review: Stones and Bones
Powerful Evidence Against Evolution

Stones and Bones is the ideal booklet for someone who wants to know the basic reasons why Christians (and some non-Christians) reject evolution in favour of creation.

It gives you easy-to-understand explanations on the problems evolutionists face over fossils, so-called ‘missing links’, mutations, alleged evolutionary ‘leftovers’ in your body, natural selection, dinosaurs, the origin of life, and more.

It shows you how to answer common evolutionary questions, how to defend prevalent attacks on creationist beliefs, why many highly qualified scientists believe in creation rather than evolution, and why it all matters. (Suitable even for passing on to your high-school teacher.)

Stones and Bones has been written by the managing director of Creation Science Foundation in Australia. It is a book you can dip into for quick answers—and is priced low enough for handing out widely.

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