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A candid admission

The real issue behind the creation/evolution battle over origins



Published: 31 May 2012 (GMT+10)

I must admit, the ferocity of many of the hostile comments we receive in response to our articles has surprised me.

A decade ago I naively thought that when people could be shown via creation science information that the Bible’s account of history can be trusted, they would excitedly embrace the truth—the salvation freely offered through Jesus Christ, our Creator and our Lord.

But now, the doggedness some correspondents show in refusing to accept obvious, observable facts prompted me to frustratedly say to a CMI colleague, “I feel like I’m bashing my head against a brick wall. We practically gift-wrap the truth for people in our articles, yet many still can’t see it.”

Hearing this, another Christian friend said, “Actually, I think in some cases it’s not that they can’t see it, it’s that they won’t see it.”

In light of a recent experience during a speaking ministry tour, I suspect he’s right. After giving a creation presentation, it’s not unusual to have someone come up and say, “I’m an atheist”, and then proceed to ask hostile questions. But recently, a young man whom I’ll call Brev1 introduced himself quite differently. His first words were, “I’m a seeker after truth”—and then he proceeded to ask hostile questions. On the existence of God, Brev said he was more agnostic than atheist.

His questions were against the background of his thinking that the universe can be explained via yin and yang forces over billions of years. I turned the questions back onto his own mixed-up views, and after about 45 minutes we got to the point where I asked him a simple yes/no question about whether there was any possibility that the history outlined in the Bible might be true. To my amazement, Brev said (after a long reflective pause) something that I’ve never previously heard any atheist or agnostic dare to admit: “Uh-oh, I can see where that question leads … but it can’t, we can’t go there … because the consequences of that would change my whole life—if the Bible’s history is true then I’d have to devote my whole life to serving God … The commitment would be too great … No, it’s impossible.”

Brev’s candid admission helps explain why the battle over the truth of the Bible’s historical account is so fierce. Brev’s candour is in stark contrast to atheists and agnostics who won’t admit what their real objection to the creation message is. And in one sense, Brev is right. If the history of the Bible is correct, then the implications are indeed huge for every individual alive today. There is indeed a ‘cost’—something Jesus spoke of (Luke 14:25–33). But having been on both sides of the divide2 (for I was once an atheist, living in line with the selfish purposelessness conveniently bestowed by the evolutionary paradigm), I can say that, for me, it’s a clear choice. There is nothing more satisfying than to joyfully commit your whole life to serving your Creator God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength—we are here for a purpose.

I heartily commend that path to everyone (Mark 12:30, Psalm 119:105).


  1. Not his real name. Return to text.
  2. Note, it is not a ‘fence’ (cf. the ‘great chasm’ of Luke 16:26). Jesus said one is either for or against him (Matthew 12:30, Mark 9:40, Luke 11:23). As Brev’s admission shows, an agnostic is not truly neutral. ‘Fence-sitting’ on this issue is not an option for anyone. Return to text.

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Readers’ comments

Adrian C.
Brev's candid admission shows that he gets it probably more than a lot of professed Christians do. He realizes that if the Bible is true, then God deserves entire, uncompromising commitment. The more I learn the more I realize that Jesus needs to be the center of everything evangelistic effort, because without Him, the truth can become a daunting duty.

Yes, I think people need to hear the truth about creation and evolution, but beyond this, I think they need a true glimpse of Jesus, because He is "the author and finisher of our faith," Hebrews 12:2. May our lives glorify Him, and may our prayers be for people like Brev, whom Satan will not let go of without a fight.
Harvey R.
I have been a believer for many years, but I never fail to be encouraged by what I read in CMI articles. It strengthens my faith and enables me to give a better explanation for what I believe. Once I believed in faith alone but now I can add reason and substance to what I believe, for the sake of those who have so many questions but have listened to the wrong answers.CMI is like a breath of fresh air. It is down to earth and blows the 'cob-webs' away. Keep it up.
Harvey Rosieur
Michael T.
I came from the Taoist background, was 11 when my dad passed away. I was 28 when my mum passed away and as the youngest and most educated, I was assigned as family financial administrator.
I was appalled at the financial, behavioral/spiritual outlay that we as children of deceased had to undergo as members of the Taoist religion.
I married a Christian at 31, she confessed, after my baptism at 47, that she would hold my hands in prayers for my Salvation, I thanked her for that, thinking of God's perfect plan.
As a Secondary School Mathematics Teacher, I always question my mother's prayers to the Moon on the 8th night of the Lunar New Year. When an Astronaut landed on the moon, I started to seek the real meaning to life and to seek GOD.
I was always at a conflict with evolution and its effects on the 6 days of Creation in Genesis of our Bible. As a family, we migrated to Australia and in the early 2000's in one session in another Church, CMI supplied me with the "missing Link". Every blessing to you all at CMI and thank you for the MAJOR part you have played and are still playing in my own Christian walk.
Christina W.
I agree with Vanessa L. I think that Brev will keep coming back to the choice he saw so clearly. (He reminds me of the rich young ruler who turned away from Jesus so sadly.) Also, it is God who must draw each and every one of us; no one comes to Christ without being drawn. Thanks for your great work!
Ron H.
What a great and thought-provoking discussion. It's clear that for all of the enjoyable mental gymnastics of a creation/evolution discussion (uh, debate? --argument? --fist fight?) the issue is neither material nor purely scientific. At it's core, the issue is always spiritual.

Spiritual issues are won not with dogmatics, but with dogged love--the love of Christ overwhelming all objections and offenses. Though many have encountered His love directly during His time on earth as well as through His followers, and turned away, many others have been won through that same love.

That is our hope in all contending for the faith: that the love of Christ in us will bring some to bow knee and heart before the Truth. Let us keep contending! Let us always keep loving.
Toby S.
Amen to Adrian(above). It is ultimately a spiritual conflict. Evolution is a thick "veil" perpetuated by the father of lies (and I don't mean Darwin) by those who are perishing. We must speak the truth in love with much prayer.

2Cor. 4:4,6 - In whom the god of this age has blinded the thoughts of the unbelievers that the illumination of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine on them...Because the God who said, Out of darkness light shall shine, is the One who shined in our hearts to illuminate the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
Alan M.
Brev may be honest but alas, it shows that the primary question is religious not scientific. The answer to Brev is that God has already dedicated Himself to you. If you believe you will experience that dedicated unfailing love even more. Brev: What have you got that's better than committed love?

Ralph P.
I think that part of the problem is that the message and promises of the Bible plus Salvation are so simple that some people believe that it is too good to be true.
we are taught in this world that if something sounds too good to be true then it more than likely is untrue.
Take our TV ads for excample.
They use a fit young man who diets and trains 5 hours a day, place him on a fitness machine and then tell you that you can look like him if you purchase one of these and train for 10 minutes a day.
So sad.
Jorge S.
Thanks CMI for the article.
That incident shows once again that the acceptance of God and His Word is never a conflict about the truth but about submission to The Creator.
I'm not very worried about 'Brev', though. He admittedly knows where his weakness lies. He might even be on his way to salvation and will thank you one day for the role you played. There are staunchier 'Brevs' out there with much higher seniority levels within the ranks of cynicism and hypocrisy.
But preaching the unadultered Word of God, even in the face of opposition and apparent fruitlessness, is a command we must obey relentlessly and without excuse. One never knows who will benefit from it; only God intimately and ultimately knows who the Elect are.
I credit to this day all those Christians who witnessed to me when I was at the peak of my atheist, science-worshipping, Marxist-trained, foolish self.
CMI has blessed the lives of many. May the Lord bless your ministry!
Kevin O.
Hi David, as usual a great article and very very truthful, was it in any way inspired by your meeting with the gentleman who 'buttonholed' you after the recent conference in Chessington, UK where I was waiting with a couple of others to speak to you after your closing talk? We all noticed your difficulty in 'connecting' with him, not really hearing what you had to say, you tried really hard to be patient but there came a point were you simply had to stop as it was obvious he was not ready to hear. Thank you once again for your efforts and I for one really appreciate the presence of your ministry, it certainly has led me to a deeper appreciation and understanding of my faith and the importance of seeing the Bible as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Sincerely Kevin O.
Jack S.
The Apostle Paul tells us that the message of the cross will be offensive to those in the world. On another note, I understand Brev! I cannot live it either! However, after accepting the truth of Christ, He has given me what I need to do so!
Mark E.
When engaged in conversation with my favourite staunch atheist at work (a microbiologist) I know that 'I' can't change his mind. We've been going at it for years. Instead I'm always mindful of those listening to the discussion passively and have often found myself sharing with them afterwards. They are usually too afraid to ask questions or to interject during my talk with my atheist but are comfortable to talk privately.
I always pray during my chats that the Lord will help me to insightfully perceive the real issues being discussed and to lead and direct the conversation. I always ensure that no matter how heated my atheist may get I always remain polite, sensitive and assertive. Their arrogance and self-conceit is seen by all. Never give up defending the Truth and being available to the leading of the Holy Spirit that you may be the embodiment of the scriptures. You may be the only Bible that a non-Christian gets to 'read' today! Bless you.
Edmund L.
As we approach the return of Christ, Satan is getting more intense in his battle. It's time to cut to the quick. Not accepting the Bible as the literal (n.b. only when God tells us to be allegorical, we may) historic Word of God, is tantamount to unbelief. Adam and Eve in disobeying the command not eat of the fruit, displayed UNBELIEF, not disobedience. Eve didn't know the commandment properly when she responded to the serpent "God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye TOUCH it,lest ye die"
God never said don't touch, He said don't eat.
Satan had her there because she didn't study His words properly.
Those supposed believers who struggle with evolution and other tools of the devil need to take a serious salvation check of their lives. Read the engrafted Word properly. DONT MAKE ANYTHING UP FROM YOUR OWN PERCEPTIONS. If it isn't in God's Word, it ISN'T God's word.
Be much in prayer.
Hans G.
A few weeks ago I responded to a y-tube from a Lawrence Krauss about the universe from nothing. I didn't held back about such garbage and guess what: I received a lot of 'fan' mails.I loved it to read how those evolutionists were 'cooking' and as more they used abusive words against God,the Bible or me as more I enjoyed it.It came to an end suddenly, I think the time for comments run out. Still I read some of them and see them wriggle like a fish on the hook.
Rev.22/11 "Let him who does wrong continue to do wrong.....They are being warned.
Adrian C.
Such an important point. People's reasons for believing evolution are not as simple as the science. It's a spiritual conflict that goes on in the heart! That's why all of our efforts in evangelism have to be bathed in prayer, since only the Holy Spirit can soften the heart!
Andrew A.
I once worked for a research company where there were plenty of PhDs. I advertised on the company social network, in the normal manner, like everyone else, an event I was interested in, except that it was to do with Christian apologetics. The abuse that came down on me from all the atheists was appalling. I naturally, politely defended my position. I found I could speak amicably to people of other religions, but atheists were in another class. The top management was going to discipline me, but my direct manager (who was also a Christian) pointed out that I had actually done nothing wrong, so they dropped that idea. There was so much heat generated that I suspect it was a factor in my contract being terminated. For many atheists, any suggestion that they may ultimately have to give an account to their Creator is a red rag to a bull. The current censoring in Australia of anything that suggests that children do better with both a father and a mother is an interesting example of how quickly the atheists can pack together to stop the truth getting out, just like they do with evidence for creation.
Bill B.
Keep up the great work. I pray that you will not become discouraged by those who will not listen.

This might sound crass, but I would like to say that we are not in charge of the listening. We are in charge of the speaking. God works on hearts so that they can hear. The reason they don't hear is because they are in a fallen state and unless God helps them to hear, they will not hear. Romans 1:19 and following, and Romans 10:14. At least that's how I read it. :)

Thank you again for all you do. CMI and the other ministries that witness of the Bible on matters concerning Science are special, imo.
Gregory Y.
Some time ago at my work, I overheard parts of a discussion between two of my work colleges. The atheist one was commenting on a debate he had heard or watched between a creationist and an evolutionist. I believe it may have been the Wieland/Willis debate. [Ed.: creation.com/the-wieland-willis-debate-summary] The last comment I overheard, referring to CMI, was,"and they have an answer for everything!" My thought was, "Doesn't that tell you something?"
God Bless and keep up the great work.
S. S.
A man has worked and bought a car. It has become his love through labor. A lightning bolt strikes down and destroys his car. He is so angry about what happened and he demands justice, reconciliation, payment! Where does he direct his anger to? He believes in the laws of the physical universe but blaming the natural does not appease his anger. He doesn’t believe in God but strangely, his anger is appeased by hostility towards God.

If we take their hostility towards God personally, we can lose heart. We should try to understand their hostility while pointing to the big picture that gives both reasonable and livable answers as well as a promise...Christ!

Thank you, CMI, for pointing out so many reasonable and livable answers in the book of God's work which is the natural universe.
Neil W.
I had a similar experience with an anti-Christian. The conversation started with him stating that "the science is settled", "it's a science fact" and all the other usual soundbites they use for evolution. So over a few weeks I questioned his assumptions, refuted his "facts" and simply kept asking the who, where, when, how, why questions to try and get to the absolute core of his beliefs, he eventually either through anger or frustration gave me the absolute basis for his belief and I quote as close as I can from memory. "I have never cared about the 'evidence' one way or the other, I know God exists, I just refuse to bow down to anyone". So to sum up, I believe that most agnostics, athiests, anti-Christians are simply "stiffnecked", "heardhearted" and "willfully rebellious" against God and Jesus because they do not "want" to follow God's laws.
John S.
I once rushed in where angels fear to tread. I think to debate non-Christians on electronic media there needs to be some boundary-setting - a time limit, for one thing, perhaps a clear sense of calling to that particular ministry, and perhaps not to do it alone. It is not for the immature.
A curious thing is that I have never heard a sermon on Matthew 7:6 - it seems to me that our Lord is being quite emphatic here - the subject is reproof, and implicit in any faithful evangelism is reproof - a call to repent, to change one's thinking. The swinishness of people comes over on the internet more than in any other setting I have encountered.
William I.
Riiiight, those who trust in the scientific method and are willing to question their own understanding are the "dogged" ones. Not those who think a 2000 year old collection of writings has infallible scientific and historical knowledge while refusing to honestly look at the vast (and current) amounts of scientific support for Evolution.
David Catchpoole
William, perhaps you are unaware that some of what is today regarded as 'science' is actually a claim about history. It might be a very creatively constructed and imaginative story, but history it isn't. See creation.com/its-not-science.
The creation vs evolution 'debate' is not actually a debate about the evidence, but the interpretation of it. See, e.g., creation.com/slow-fish-in-china and creation.com/seeing-the-pattern.
Peter H.
The statement in your second paragraph, "the doggedness some correspondents show in refusing to accept obvious, observable facts", reminded me of two things.

One, remember that 2 Peter 2:5,6 says (NKJV), "... this they willingly forget: that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water, by which the world that then existed perished, being flooded with water." The key word here is "willingly". They don't want to consider this point of view.

The second thing that came to mind was that a few years ago when I took a university course on astronomy, I wrote a research paper about the moon. I added an appendix to it commenting on possible reasons for the apparent fact that while most scientific suggestions will be discussed gladly, a suggestion (even with a mathematical model to support it) from a creationist does not seem even to be worth the while of rebutting. The professor put his remarks regarding the paper on the page just before the "creation discussion" and (as far as I could see) ignored it completely.
Lynne R.
In one sentence...Romans 1:20 :)
Montie S.
There are none so blind as those who will not see. I weep for them. I was once an ardent evolutionist and taught it to school children. May God forgive me. I am thankful to God for you and other Creation ministries for removing the scales from my eyes.
Chuck J.
May God continue to bless you in your work and bless the efforts as He sees fit. Let me also thank you for your efforts which continue to arm me with Biblical proofs of our Lord and His creation. And, finally, let me try to help you with a thought that helps me when I seem to be falling short when I have an opportunity to give a testimonial. I like to think that it is my job to tell the good news as I have the light, but it is the Holy Spirit that is responsible for moving their hearts and minds. I can only pray that my "seeds" are falling on fertile ground. So, keep up the good work.
Daryle H.
When I was new to my faith I was starting college and I almost lost it right away because of professors who argued against Christianity on the basis of evolution. I remember the first time I realized there was even such a thing as creation science I was ecstatic. It was at another website and it was a series of quotes by evolutionists that suggested evolution wasn't the water-tight theory I was taught. When that was rejected I found Kent Hovind. When he was rejected I found you guys and finally, real, credentialed scientists who accepted creation science. After many years reading your articles daily, buying all the books I could afford and speaking creation apologetics to everyone with ears I became discouraged. I don't think one single person was swayed by anything I've ever said.
My atheist friends post links to CMI articles on Facebook with comments like "Facepalm" or "They just don't get it" or perhaps the worst "These guys are blatant liars". But good luck getting them to tell you why they think that. Atheists seem to enjoy what I like to call back-patting parties and I've learned to just let them have them. For people who claim to love reason they sure seem to be unreasonable.
Your articles have helped my faith greatly. I remain a Christian to this day because of them. Unfortunately I have given up on trying to get people to see things our way. They just don't care.
David Catchpoole
Daryle, thanks for your appreciative comments. And I understand completely how it is that you've come to be dispirited regarding your "speaking creation apologetics". But please don't be discouraged. Please don't give up on reaching out to the lost. I agree that there are times to hold back. E.g. from Jesus' words in Matthew 24:45, "at the proper time", we can deduce it's best to 'feed' people when they're hungry. If certain people I'm trying to reach out to aren't 'hungry', I stop trying to 'feed' them! (I'm also mindful of Matthew 7:6.)
But the Scriptures command us to let our conversation be seasoned with salt, making the most of every opportunity for evangelism (Colossians 4:5-6), showing mercy to those who doubt, even as we are assailed by scoffers (Jude 17-22). And though a Christian might not personally get the satisfaction of seeing anyone 'swayed' by argument, God reassures His workers that a believer's evangelistic labour, motivated by love for Him and for the lost that they too might believe (Romans 10:13-15), is not in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58). There are plenty of testimonies embedded in the comments section of this and other articles on our website that are right in line with that promise!
As for copping insults (e.g. hurled via Facebook), well, Jesus said there's a blessing in that too (Matthew 5:11).
So, in the same way that you've been helped by creation apologetic materials, please don't keep the info to yourself, but pass it on!
Steve W.
I have come to the view that it's important to share the truth to give people a chance to reject it just as much as to accept it. Scripture is a two-edged sword. The Lord said "today I set before you Life or Death. Choose Life". Despite the advice, people still choose Death. Sad, I know, but it means people are left without excuse.
George V.
THis is exactly as I commented on earlier articles. My own father is a University-educated agnostic and I believe it applies to him also. It is not that atheist/agnostics don't see our point of view, it is that many of them simply refuse to believe it, because they know deep down inside themselves that they would have to change their whole way of Life and they refuse to do so. On the other hand, some of them consider or reconsider the evidence and become Believers in God, so we should continue to pray for all of them, that by God's Grace they would see the evidence for Creation and Believe. AS the Bible says, " With God, all things are possible". Let's also not forget our unsaved Family who have been brainwashed by the teaching of Evolution in schools, the media and the scientific community.
Everett C.
The biggest part of the problem in believing the Truth is our sin nature. Remember that Israel had just seen God supernaturally deliver them from Egypt and His presence was physically manifested in the pillars of cloud and fire. Yet they still sinned and refused to follow His instruction.

I recently had an email exchange with a young man who also claimed to be seeking the truth and called himself an agnostic. I got nowhere as I should have expected and finally confronted him with the fact that he didn't really want to know the truth because it would mean a life change. Sin is powerful to destroy but God is more powerful to save. I'm still praying for him.
Everett C.
The biggest part of the problem in believing the Truth is our sin nature. Remember that Israel had just seen God supernaturally deliver them from Egypt and His presence was physically manifested in the pillars of cloud and fire. Yet they still sinned and refused to follow His instruction.

I recently had an email exchange with a young man who also claimed to be seeking the truth and called himself an agnostic. I got nowhere as I should have expected and finally confronted him with the fact that he didn't really want to know the truth because it would mean a life change. Sin is powerful to destroy but God is more powerful to save. I'm still praying for him.
Michael S.
I debated on the EvC issue on a debate forum on the web, on and off for about eight years. Atheists would play the moral high ground while openly bullying/insulting you to your face. They pretended it was all about accepting evolution and when I accepted evolution for a time they accepted me with open arms, but as soon as they realized I was still a Christian, they still argued ferociously with me. It didn't add up. In the end I basically was deemed almost to be a criminal, they were supposed to be the scientific contingency, in that their knowledge of science was very high but I found that they didn't have an objective bone in the body. They knew the science inside out, which puffed them up. They were the most willful in rejecting the Gospel, because they genuinely believed they had omniscience among themselves as a group. You could feel the atmosphere, it was like cold-custard and you were the enemy in no uncertain terms. If I were to even make a light-hearted joke in a neutral topic, they would reject it, or try and argue with me. At times the aggression actually made me think that if they could have gotten their hands on me, they would have been violent towards me, and some did make allusions to this, saying I would cop a punch in real life, etc... because my arguments were always logic-based and no matter how they behaved, I didn't insult them back which seemed to make them even worse, it's as though a strong witness with a good mind was literally unbearable to them, a heresy!! I think they genuinely thought that a Christian was not supposed to be able to use his brain.

An example of their behaviour was that if I was to say "we breathe in oxygen". they would reply; "it is best not to talk about things you don't understand." In other words, they believed their own propaganda so very much, that they seemed to literally believe that I did not have the capacity to know anything like they did.

Sin was the one thing they couldn't refute, because they were such a good example of it. Ironically they have helped my faith by being such a bad example for atheism/evolution.
Mark E.
Peer pressure plays a significant role, I believe, in the consideration of those reacting against the prospect of a real God, really communicating to us through the Word. Peer review is alive and well in society. We know that scientific peer review in secular scientific fields serves only to ensure conformity to the majority view. This alo applies to people generally. If an individual is to make a decision for Christ, they are going to be peer reviewed to maintain conformity to their peer groups. What encouragement and assistance can we provide that supports a decision for Christ! Most of the time the 'church' itself works against tese efforts when it compromises the very Word it claims as its basis for being!! God bless CMI and all who serve in this faithful and God-honouring service to th body.
Mark E.
Peer pressure plays a significant role, I believe, in the consideration of those reacting against the prospect of a real God, really communicating to us through the Word. Peer review is alive and well in society. We know that scientific peer review in secular scientific fields serves only to ensure conformity to the majority view. This also applies to people generally. If an individual is to make a decision for Christ, they are going to be peer reviewed to maintain conformity to their peer groups. What encouragement and assistance can we provide that supports a decision for Christ! Most of the time the 'church' itself works against these efforts when it compromises the very Word it claims as its basis for being!! God bless CMI and all who serve in this faithful and God-honouring service to the body.
Vanessa L.
I can relate to Brev as I too was an agnostic. It's quite hard for a person who has been lied to their entire life in accepting evolution, to push that aside to digest the real truth in one hit. It took me about 9 months of honest searching for me to come to the point where I couldn't deny Christ.
Cliff B.
Keep up the good work and keep spreading the message. Remember only the elect will hear the Masters voice through your work. To the rest, it will regarded as foolishness no matter what you present.
Rose R.
Thank you so much for this site and your continuing work to get the truth out there.I did not come to the Lord until I was at my wits end and minutes away from committing suicide at the age of 31. I met Jesus and He did change everything. Yes there is a price to pay but it's worth it and I wouldn't want to go back to the way I was for anything.
Diane W.
This has always been something I have wondered about - why people would choose to reject the obvious truth?! When I was younger a pastor friend once reminded me that we are here to sow the seed and it is up to God himself to make it grow AT THE RIGHT TIME (This is the work of the Holy Spirit, not us) and I know from my own life that many little seeds were sown over a number years by many different lovely Christians but, at the right time God put all the parts together and made it all make sense for me, and I am now as you are - joyfully following my Lord and grateful every day for Him being there. Many of the people who took time to talk to me or were just there with a lifestyle which had the fragrance of the Lord about it would never know the important part they played. Two of them - beautiful ladies who taught me RE at school without the evolutionary stuff so prevalent today - died years before I came to know the Lord. That might have made me sad in any other circumstance but the beauty of it is that we will meet again someday and I find myself really excited about talking with them again. Some may call that wierd but Christians know the truth of this as well as the overwhelming joy of life here, right now, with their saviour.
Sorry this is long-winded ... the point is obvious though. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing! There is no doubt that God is in this ministry and - although you won't always see immediate fruit the harvest IS being gathered! It's hard work now and the attacks are many because the enemy's time is short and he knows it but God's word prevails: Isaiah 55:8-13.
Every blessing to you all at CMI and thank you for the MAJOR part you have played and are still playing in my own Christian walk.
Kris W.
You do realize, don't you, that a lot of atheists feel the same way about Christians? They feel same frustration that you do. Fact is, most people are pretty heavily invested in their own belief systems, regardless of what those systems are.
David Catchpoole
Kris, you wrote that "a lot of atheists feel the same way about Christians". That doesn't gel with my experience, both personally when I was an atheist, and as a Christian since. When I was an atheist I most certainly was not the slightest bit interested in converting Christians to atheism. One reason, as I recall, was that I didn't want them to abandon their "love your neighbour" philosophy for a dog-eat-dog one. (In hindsight, I can now see I had come to the same conclusion as Voltaire, who didn't want his servants to be converted to his own views. See creation.com/rape-and-evolution.) And now, as a Christian, I find that atheists are not really interested in trying to convert evangelical Bible-believing Christians, but rather want to muzzle them (Romans 1:18) or avoid meaningful discussion with them (Acts 24:25). While I agree with you that "most people are pretty heavily invested in their own belief systems", I see a danger in that statement of it tacitly endorsing the evolutionary view that "all religious belief systems are equally valid". Fact is, they're not. Fact is, evolution and creation are not 'equally valid' religious belief systems, as only one of them can be true. (See creation.com/atheism-a-religion.) Similarly, the religious belief systems that invoke a Creator are not 'equally valid' either. (See creation.com/holy-books.) Everyone carries a bias of one sort or another, so the key question is: Which bias is the best bias with which to be biased? (See chapter 1 in Dr Sarfati's book, Refuting Evolution.)
Ross W.
I understand why atheists and agnostics rally against the Truth of the Bible but what I don't understand is why [some] Christians do this and not embrace the Truth, especially when presented with overwhelming supporting evidence! Continue to fight the good fight!
Nick D.
Hi CMI Team. I am delighted to say that your ministry has helped enormously in the salvation of my wife's eternal soul. Before we were married she claimed to be an agnostic but was open to new information, which gave me hope! All she really wanted was to observe an authentic set of Christian values in action and with the help of the Holy Spirit and your excellent work on this site, truth prevailed, slowly at first but then a wholehearted commitment followed. Godly patience and diplomatic perseverance (not something I'm naturally good at) was the order of the day and we now enjoy the mutual blessing of serving God together in our church community. Praise God for the good work you guys put in, I'm sure many more souls are impacted with the truth of God's Word.
Jack C.
Much of the problem is the bombardment of anti-creation propaganda everywhere. Jesus warned of this, especially in relation to the latter days. So, it's not unexpected to receive much resistance to the creation story, even from so called Christians. Keep up the good work. Although the truth may hurt, it's still the truth.
Chandrasekaran M.
In my own life, I could not hear or want to hear Jesus' words until I came to a state where Hinduism was of no help for me to give joy and peace in my life.

In the fallen human nature, sometimes we learn the hard way, like the prodigal son parable in the Bible, only when we are at our wits’ end.

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