“Chutzpah” and “Message Mania”

From Hal Lerch of PA, USA.

I have learned useful Yiddish words from my Jewish friends. One applies to the above named article in Creation vol. 23 no.3. The best definition I ever heard of chutzpah (gall, nerve) was of a man who murdered his parents and begged for mercy because he is an orphan.

In the article by Batten, Catchpoole, and Wieland, the authors refer to Dr Arthur Caplan of my home state having the chutzpah to claim that “our genes show that scientific creationism cannot be true.“ The enigma is how a Ph.D. can see the evidence *, yet not see the Loving, Personal, Creator God. In fact, this is so frustrating to me. I at times literally weep for such lost souls.

Wake up, Christians. I challenge you to tell your friends God loves them very much, but He will judge them fairly. Special (Biblical) creation is our “proof” that His Word is true. If you cannot tell your friends, then help Bible-proclaiming organizations such as Answsers in Genesis with your donations to enable them to overcome costs as they spread the truth to the world.

Incidentally, the perfect follow-up to Dr Caplan’s remarks is the very next article in the same Creation issue, Do I Have to Believe … by Russell Grigg.

*DNA clearly points to a designer, and the simpler the design, the more clever the designer.