Creation Ministries International in the USA

CMI is an INTERNATIONAL MINISTRY ALLIANCE, but one with extensive ‘credentials’ already in the eyes of large numbers of Christians in the USA—it involves many of the world’s best-known leading creationists (including the author of the best-selling creationist book of all time, Refuting Evolution).

This ministry grouping has for many years produced the world-renowned Creation magazine (with subscribers in over 100 countries) and the peer-reviewed Journal of Creation (formerly TJ).

In March 2006, the former Answers in Genesis ministries in Australia, Canada, NZ and South Africa, by unanimous vote of their respective Boards, rebranded to form a new ministry alliance known as Creation Ministries International, with the UK and US continuing under the Answers in Genesis name.  (For a brief history, click here to visit the ‘about us—what we are’ section.).  

Creation Ministries International’s website is Creation.com and it continues to publish the two world-leading publications, Creation and Journal of Creation (formerly TJ).


As before, some of the top names in the creationist world are enthusiastically working with us—people like Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Dr Don Batten, Dr Carl Wieland, Dr Tas Walker, Dr Emil Silvestru, Gary Bates and many more.

Image of speakers.
Dr Jonathan Sarfati, Dr Emil Silvestru, Gary Bates, Dr Don Batten, Dr Tas Walker and Dr Carl Wieland.


To more effectively maintain the spread of high-quality materials such as the magazine and journal within the USA, an autonomous CMI ministry was established in 2006 with its offices in Atlanta, Georgia.  Creation Ministries International (US) is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization with tax deductible donation approval by the IRS.    For contact details for all CMI offices, including in the USA, click here.

CMI-USA conducts a national speaking and outreach ministry using its qualified and accredited speaker team. This includes Dr Robert Carter, a biologist and geneticist who continues to help with research in genetics with our friends, the Institute for Creation Research, as well as physicist Dr Russell Humphreys, who joined the team in 2008.

You can help us keep growing, arming and equipping an increasing number of believers across America to reach their friends and neighbors, via:

  • Donation support (every little bit most welcome)    To donate securely, please click here.
  • As many people as possible to spread the word that Creation magazine and TJ/Journal of Creation have never ceased being available, and how to keep on getting them. We would love to re-establish contact with at least some of the more than 30,000 US citizens with whom we have suddenly lost the opportunity to communicate. Those who have discovered our existence are mostly very excited to find out that they can keep getting these powerful and ad-free evangelistic and faithbuilding publications once more.