Cortney Alexander

Cortney Alexander


Cortney grew up attending church, but wasn’t following Jesus in his youth. In college, he drifted away from his Christian background and joined the party scene, continuing that lifestyle as he received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and a law degree from Louisiana State University. After college, his job became his idol. When he occasionally thought of God, doubts about the Bible’s accuracy prompted him to ask: “What if I spend my life following Jesus only to find out He doesn’t exist?”

At age 33, Cortney and his wife heard a CMI presentation. Cortney thought the speaker, Gary Bates, seemed very reasonable, yet he said that the earth was only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs coexisted with mankind—things Cortney never thought anyone rational believed. This prompted Cortney to spend months pouring through CMI’s website, considering whether the Bible just might be the word of God. Eventually, he decided it is and trusted Jesus as Lord. His wife got there a little faster.

Cortney has practiced law since 2003, focusing on patent litigation. Since he began following Jesus, Cortney has served in various ministries, including door-to-door evangelism in urban Atlanta, helping women escape sex trafficking, teaching at a school of ministry, and leading a Bible study for skeptics in Atlanta’s start-up technology community.

Through these diverse ministries, Cortney has found that questions about the Bible’s accuracy, particularly the early chapters of Genesis, pose a stumbling block for people from all backgrounds—from a young man living in the streets of Haiti to a retired college professor with a doctor of science from MIT, not to mention kids raised in Christian homes and missionaries spreading the Gospel.

Cortney lives near Atlanta with his wife, Claire, and their four children.


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