The Creation Answers Book

The Creation Answers Book

Lessons & Chapters

Lesson 1 Does God exist? (Chapter 1)

Lesson 2: Six days? Really? (Chapter 2)

Lesson 3 What about gap theories? (Chapter 3)

Lesson 4 What about carbon dating? (Chapter 4)

Lesson 5 How can we see distant stars in a young universe? (Chapter 5)

Lesson 6 How did bad things come about? (Chapter 6)

Lesson 7 What about arguments for evolution? (Chapter 7)

Lesson 8 Who was Cain’s wife? (Chapter 8)

Lesson 9 Were the ‘sons of God’ and/or the Nephilim extraterrestrials? (Chapter 9)

Lesson 10 Was the Flood global? (Chapter 10)

Lesson 11 What about continental drift? (Chapter 11)

Lesson 12 Noah’s Flood-what about all that water? (Chapter 12)

Lessons 13 & 14 How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark? and How did freshwater and saltwater fish survive the Flood? (Chapters 13 & 14)

Lesson 15 Where are all the human fossils? (Chapter 15)

Lesson 16 What about ice ages? (Chapter 16)

Lesson 17 How did animals get to Australia? (Chapter 17)

Lesson 18 How did all the different ‘races’ arise (from Noah’s family)? (Chapter 18)

Lesson 19 What about dinosaurs? (Chapter 19)

The Creation Answers Book Study Guide

by Dr Don Batten, Dr David Catchpoole, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, and Dr Carl Wieland

Lesson 8: Who was Cain’s wife?

Text: The Creation Answers Book, chapter 8

Section: Introduction

Discussion questions

  1. List the biblical passages from which we derive the idea that Adam and Eve were the first two people.

  2. Who was Cain’s wife, according to the Bible?

  3. What are the two apparent problems with the biblical answer to this question?

Section: The ‘other people’ escape hatch—does it work?

Discussion questions

  1. What is “the ‘other people’ escape hatch”?

  2. Explain why it is important to understand that there was only one man—Adam—in the beginning.

  3. Why is Jesus called the ‘last Adam’?

  4. Compare and contrast the First Adam and the Last Adam. (See also First Adam—Last Adam.)

  5. Why should Christians be able to answer the question “Who was Cain’s wife?

Section: First, the biological issue

Discussion questions

  1. Why do we all marry our relatives?

  2. Why was a brother marrying a sister not a biological problem during the first few generations of mankind?

  3. Explain what genetic mutations have to do with why we can’t marry close relatives today.

  4. What other puzzle in the early part of Genesis does this help to explain? (See also Living for 900 years.)

  5. When was the Jewish law against intermarriage implemented? Why?

  6. How is this relevant to Cain and his wife?

Section: God changing His mind?

Discussion questions

  1. Why was a brother marrying a sister not a moral problem during the first few generations of mankind?

  2. Why is God not being inconsistent regarding the difference between Cain’s day and Moses’ day on brother-sister intermarriage?

Section: But what about the land of Nod?

Discussion question

  • Who was Cain afraid of when he fled to the land of Nod? Why?