Creation in public schools?!


14 December 2002

There have been a number of recent instances involving school boards discussing the topic of creation/evolution in the public school classroom, in science textbook disclaimers and so on.

On the one hand, it’s encouraging to see the increasing interest from the public to put pressure on school boards in this issue. The humanist elite is livid about this. It wants a monopoly on the teaching of ‘molecules-to-man’ evolution.

Public school teachers know that they can critically discuss different theories in regard to just about every issue—but not evolution. Even if a school board simply wants evolution to be critically analyzed (a good teaching technique after all) without even mentioning creation or the Bible, the ACLU and other humanists are immediately up in arms.* There are the usual accusations of trying to get ‘religion’ into schools and that it’s a front for what they label as ‘fundamentalist Christianity.’

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By the way, when the public school system threw out prayer, Bible readings, creation and the Ten Commandments—they didn’t throw out religion. They replaced the Christian worldview influence with an atheistic one. The public schools, by and large, now teach that everything a student learns about science, history, etc., has nothing to do with God—it can all be explained without any supernatural reference. This is a religious view—an anti-Christian view with which students are being indoctrinated. Humanists know that naturalistic evolution is foundational to their religion—their worldview that everything can be explained without God. That is why they are so emotional when it comes to the topic of creation/evolution.

Now we are certainly encouraged … that there are moves in different places to stop the censorship of the anti-Christian propagandists in the public schools and allow students to, at the very minimum, question evolution as fact. I am sure this is in part due to the influence of the creation ministries in society and the plethora of creationist and anti-evolutionist material that is now getting into parents’ and students’ hands. On the other hand, Christians have to understand that fighting the evolution issue in public schools is actually the same battle as fighting abortion, homosexual behavior, pornography, etc. In other words, just as these issues are symptoms of the foundational change in our culture (i.e. from believing that God’s Word is the absolute authority to that of man’s opinions being the authority), so the evolution issue is also a symptom of this same foundational change.

Thus, as much as we want to see students know that true science confirms the Creation account in Genesis and that molecules-to-man evolution is a blind-faith belief that flies in the face of much scientific evidence—in the long run the battle will not be successful unless society as a whole (and the church) returns to a basis in Biblical authority. That’s why we spend so much energy at AiG and CMI to equip the church to restore Biblical authority beginning with Genesis—then and only then will the secular worldview of society be successfully challenged.

* E.g. the case of a science teacher in Wisconsin; read the account.

Published: 3 February 2006