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Volume 31, Issue 2
Published March 2009
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: The 2009 Darwin celebrations
by Tas Walker
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 Darwin vs God (Pre-publication version)
by Russell Grigg
15–17 Law and creation
Jonathan Sarfati chats with law professor, Dr Augusto Zimmermann, about Christian vs Darwinist influences on legal systems
18–19 Where have all the people gone?
Silvio Famularo
20–22 Amber needed water (and lots of it)
by David Catchpoole
23 Swedish trees older than the universe? (Pre-publication version)
by Carl Wieland
24–27 Creation for kids
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The worldwide Flood
by Russell Grigg
28–30 Darwin’s ‘imps of darkness’: the marine iguanas of the Galápagos
by Tom Hennigan
31 Fingertip control (Pre-publication version)
by David Catchpoole
32–34 Bunchberry bang!
by David Catchpoole
35 Chauvet cave controversy
by David Catchpoole
36–37 Many hands made the lights go on
by Gordon Howard
38–39 ‘Lowly’ lobster surprise (Pre-publication version)
by David Catchpoole
40–42 Born to communicate
by Kevin May
43–45 In Darwin’s footsteps (Pre-publication version)
by Carl Wieland
46–49 ‘Millions of years’ is missing
Jonathan Sarfati interviews biologist and geologist Ariel Roth
50–51 Beware, the bubble’s burst (Pre-publication version)
by David Catchpoole
52–53 Squirrel evolution? (Pre-publication version)
by Shaun Doyle
54–55 A lesson from Pluto
by Tas Walker
56 Tail tale rates a ‘fail’ (Pre-publication version)
by David Catchpoole
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