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Creation magazine

Volume 40, Issue 2
April 2018
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: Just what we need
by Tas Walker
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 Liligers: A testimony to the created kind
by Joel Tay
15–16 Scallop’s amazing mirror eyes
by Jonathan Sarfati
17–19 The appendix: Functional but still evidence for evolution?
by Dominic Statham
20–22 Geological field trips: A fun way of changing your world (Pre-publication version)
by Tas Walker
23 Nature’s self-cleaning marvels: Who did the research and development?
by David Catchpoole
24–26 The importance of biblical creation
Joel Tay chats with seminary professor The Reverend Dr Rick Griffith
27–31 The wily coyote
by David Catchpoole
32–35 Creation for Kids—God’s amazing artistic masterpieces
by Erin Hughes and Lita Sanders
36–37 Multiverses: No help for evolution
by Jake Hebert
38–39 What about those who have never heard?
by Lita Sanders
40–43 International research journeys
Tas Walker talks to Dr Pierre Jerlstrom about microbiology and editing Journal of Creation
44–47 Eve, the rib, and modern genetics
by Jonathan Sarfati
48–51 How valleys and canyons formed during Noah’s Flood
by Michael Oard
52–54 What humans do but animals don’t
by David Christie and Russell Grigg
55 Big bang universe should not actually exist
by Jonathan Sarfati
56 As silent as a flying owl
by David Catchpoole