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Creation magazine

Volume 45, Issue 4
October 2023
56 pages

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4–5 Feedback
6 Editorial: How the Bible makes sense of everything
by Tas Walker
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–14 The toes of the tokay
by Gavin Cox
15–19 Dinosaur tracks and eggs
by Michael Oard
20–23 Music man declares his masterful Maker
Andrew Snowdon chats with musician Michael Dooley
24–26 Genesis—its author and its structure
by Jonathan Sarfati
27–31 Spiders: Creepy crawlies or marvellous masterpieces?
by Arthur Manning
32–35 The Genesis Flood for Kids: Vast, wide rock layers
by Jonathan Sarfati
36–37 ‘Begging the question’ and the ‘fallacy fallacy’
by Jonathan Sarfati
38–40 Neanderthals: A very human race
by Gavin Cox
41 The next great comet: Comet Tsuchinshan-Atlas and the age of our solar system
by Donna Mullenax
42–45 5 things about left-handedness
by Lucien Tuinstra
46–49 Why are dinosaurs extinct?
by Jonathan Sarfati and Joel Tay
50–51 Zhang Heng’s dragon seismoscope
by Gavin Cox
52–54 Giant island snakes and biblical history
by David Thomas
55 Remarkable evidence of a designed young universe
by Andrew Sibley
56 Designed protection
by Grant Williams