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Creation magazine

Volume 11, Issue 3
Published June 1989
50 pages

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4 Editorial
5 –7 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
8 –9 Letters to the Editor
10 –15 Creatures that time forgot
Feature Article by Ian T. Taylor
16 What's an animal like you doing in a rock like this?
Science Spot by Ron Calais
17 –18 Cracking the great egg mystery
Feature Article by Jerry Bergman
19 –21 Tick! Tock! It's a biological clock!
by Margaret Helder
22 –24 'My favourite evidence for creation!'
Feature Article
25 –28 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
29 A look at some myths about scientists
by Carl Wieland
30 Matthew Maury’s search for the secret of the seas
31 Is it pornographic?
Feature Article by John Osgood
32 –35 How your joints challenge evolution
Feature Article by Verna Wright
35 Quotable quote
36 –37 Rates of erosion—a lesson from Mount St Helens
by Steven A. Austin
38 –39 'Nevertheless, it moves!'
by Russell M. Grigg
40 –43 Is the sun shrinking? Part 3
by Andrew A. Snelling
44 –45 Duelling dinosaurs die in diluvial disaster
Science Spot by Ron Calais
46 –47 Be skeptical about the skeptics!
48 Book review: Origins: Creation or Evolution
Book Review
50 Wonders of Creation
by Robert Doolan
Published: 27 January 2006