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Creation magazine

Volume 15, Issue 1
Published December 1992
51 pages

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3 Fossil evidence for evolution… expert says ‘FORGET IT’
Quotable Quote
4 Games that scoffers play
Editorial by Robert Doolan
5 Letters to the Editor
7 –9 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
10 –13 Beautiful butterfiles
Feature Article by Dr Wolfgang Kuhn
14 –16 Any little green men out there?
Feature Article by Ken Ham
17 Euthanasia ‘out of control’ in Holland
by Robert Doolan
18 –21 Pagan panic!
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
22 Creation Science News
22 Dudley cartoon
by Brian Kenney
23 Rotary engines
24 –25 Sea slugs leave Darwin's theory slipping
by Geoff Chapman
26 –29 The 'greenness' of God
Feature Article by Andrew Lansdown
30 –31 Alarming trend in evolution!
by Michelle Ferguson
32 –34 Why did God impose the death penalty for sin?
by Russell Grigg
35 –38 Our World (Creation for Kids)
Creation For Kids
39 Creation in the jungle
by Bruce Grayden
40 –43 Johannes Kepler
by Ann Lamont
44 –45 The robber crab
by Robert Doolan
46 –50 Startling evidence for Noah’s Flood
Feature Article by Andrew A. Snelling and Steven A. Austin
51 Totally naked rooster
Published: 27 January 2006