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Creation magazine

Volume 20, Issue 4
Published September 1998
56 pages

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4 Evolution and practical science
Editorial by Carl Wieland
5 Your Letters
6 That choking feeling ...
7–9 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
10–13 Living for 900 years
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
14–16 Evolutionary racism
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
17–19 French creation
Interview by Ken Ham
20–21 Weasel words
by Werner Gitt with Carl Wieland
22–25 The sixteen grandsons of Noah
by Harold Hunt with Russell Grigg
26–27 Two worldviews in conflict
by Dan Manthei
28–31 Bears across the world ...
Feature Article by Paula Weston and Carl Wieland
32–33 Creation for Kids
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
34–35 Strange, but special!
36–39 The moon: the light that rules the night
by Jonathan Sarfati
40–42 Snakes alive!
Feature Article by Tom Hennigan
43–46 Did Moses really write Genesis?
Feature Article by Russell Grigg
47 Grasping the size of the Ark
47 How long will we keep our heads in the sand?
Quotable Quote
48–51 Stumping old-age dogma
by Andrew Snelling
52–53 Prize-winning Professor rejects evolution
by Don Batten and Carl Wieland
54–55 The human body—God’s masterpiece
by Joseph Paturi
56 Do rabbits chew their cud?
by Jonathan Sarfati
Published: 27 January 2006