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Creation magazine

Volume 23, Issue 1
Published December 2000
56 pages

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4 Unnecessary compromise
Editorial by Carl Wieland
5–7 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
8–13 The earth: how old does it look?
Feature Article by Carl Wieland
13 Darwinism—a cult?
Quotable Quote
14–16 Half-born Christians?
by Ken Ham
17 Petrified flour
by Tas Walker
18–21 Physics, faith and the FBI
Feature Article by Carl Wieland and Don Batten
22–23 The mysterious giant squid
by Paula Weston and Carl Wieland
24–25 The 'bird of prey' that's not
Feature Article by David Catchpoole
26–30 Flood!
Feature Article by Rebecca Conolly and Russell Grigg
31 Feedback
32–35 Creation for Kids
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
36–41 Life from life...or not?
Feature Article by David Demick
41 Who said this about evolution?
Quotable Quote
42–44 The remarkable ruffed grouse
by Tom Hennigan
45 Fossil folly
by David Catchpoole
46–49 Blind fish, island immigrants and hairy babies
by Carl Wieland
50–53 Einstein, the universe, and God
by Russell Grigg
54–55 Great gecko glue?
by Jonathan Sarfati
56 A living dinosaur?
by David Catchpoole and Carl Wieland
Published: 27 January 2006