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Creation magazine

Volume 23, Issue 4
Published September 2001
56 pages

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4 Corrections
4–5 Feedback
6 Dingo days down under (again)
Editorial by Carl Wieland
7–9 Focus: news of interest about creation and evolution
10–14 A whale of a tale
Feature Article by Ken Ham and Carl Wieland
15 Salty saga
16–23 Wings on the wind
Feature Article by David Catchpoole
24–25 Creation: Timely tool for today’s evangelist
News Article by Miche Maniguet
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Creation for Kids
How did we get the Bible?
by Dan Lietha and Stacia Byers
30–34 The collapse of 'geologic time'
News Article by Steve Taylor, Andy McIntosh, and Tas Walker
35 Games some people play
by Henry Morris
36–38 Mining for the truth
Feature Article
39–41 What's in a name?
by Russell Grigg
42–43 Copy challenge
by Alexander Williams
43 Is evolution really essential for science?
Quotable Quote
44–46 Brave warriors with words
Feature Article
47–49 Great Creation Scientists: Nicolas Steno
by Ann Lamont
50–53 Rape and evolution
Feature Article
54–55 Ear Now…
by Jonathan Sarfati
56 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dinosaur?
Feature Article by Don Batten