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Creation Magazine Volume 5 Issue 4 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 5, Issue 4

Creation magazine

Volume 5, Issue 4
Published April 1983
48 pages

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1 –16 Special 16 Page Centre Liftout—Casebook
2 Editorial
3 Contributors
4 –5 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
Focus News
6 –8 An asteroid tilts the earth
by Barry Setterfield
9 Carbon 14 & sloth dung
Did You Know?
9 To make a snake
10 –11 Astronaut on creation
by Col. Jack Lousma
12 –13 The Funny Side of it All
Cartoon by Ky
14 Snails fail
15 –16 Letters to the Editor
17 Movie Review
18 U.S.A. Reader's Radio Log for Science, Scripture & Salvation
18 Darwinism believed because of anti-God bias
Quotable Quote
19 –21 Catholics and evolution
by G. J. Keane
22 –25 Evolution and science fiction
by Graham Leo
26 –29 The A.C.L.U.
30 Nom
Cartoon by Ky
31 –32 Creation Science News

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