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Creation Magazine Volume 6 Issue 3 Cover

Creation magazine archive > Volume 6, Issue 3

Creation magazine

Volume 6, Issue 3
Published February 1984
48 pages

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2 Editorial
3 Contributors
4 –5 Focus: News of interest about creation and evolution
6 –9 Creation design in the human embryo
by Dr Gary Parker
10 Caveman
Did You Know?
11 –13 Aboriginal
by Will Sharpe
14 Quotable Quotes
16 –17 Fossil hammer report
17 In Brief—Mt. Isa metal ores and Noah’s Flood
by Andrew Snelling
18 –21 Luther on evolution
by Paul Bartz
22 Writing for Ex Nihilo
23 Nom
Cartoon by Ky
24 –27 The Evolution Protest Movement in Australia
by Rev. F. G. Smith
27 Teacher Ads
28 –29 Letters to the Editor
30 –31 A Christian creationist view of teaching science
by R. Rushdoony
32 –33 Psalm 8
by Rev. R. Pike
33 The chronology of the Flood
Did You Know?
34 Chickens and diamonds
by Les Unruh
35 –36 How could Adam name all the animals?
by J. Thallon
36 Computer Word Winners
37 –39 Creation Science News
40 –46 The recent, rapid formation of the Mt. Isa orebodies during Noah’s Flood
by Dr Andrew Snelling
47 –48 Evolution of Thought

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