Creationist geology field trip in the media—just


Creationist geology field trip in the media—just
Understanding how geological history is worked out (photo John Duffy1)

A journalist from the Brisbane Courier Mail/Sunday Mail rang last week and plied me with questions about CMI’s upcoming geology excursion.

She asked about the oldest rocks in the Brisbane area, fossils, the Ice Age dinosaurs and much more.

I was surprised at the length of the interview. Toward the end she said she needed to find someone to counter my creationist position, so I gave her the name of a geologist professor and friend at the local university.

Here is the short article that appeared the next day on p. 25 of the Sunday Mail, Country Edition, 29 May 2011:


Bit of barney over dinosaurs

DINOSAURS walked side by side with humans in southeast Queensland before they were hunted to extinction, according to local creationists.

Dr Tas Walker, from the Eight Mile Plains-based Creation Ministries, took people on a geological tour of Brisbane yesterday to show how Noah’s flood had influenced the landscape.

“When you go to the Sunshine Coast you can see the erosion, you can picture the (flood) receding,” he said.

But UQ professor of palaeontology Gregg Webb said it was unethical to confuse people with “biblical myths”.

It will be a great day when the media seeks out a creationist comment for balance every time they publish something about evolution over millions of years!

Published: 29 May 2011