Creationist organizations in the United States of America

Organization Name Website State
4th Day Alliance (ID) http://www.4thdayalliance.com CA
Access Research Network (CO) http://www.arn.org/ CO
Akron Fossils & Science Center (OH) http://www.akronfossils.com OH
Alpha Omega Institute (CO) http://www.discovercreation.org/ CO
American Portrait Films (OH) http://www.theapologeticsgroup.com OH
Answers In Genesis and The Creation Museum (KY) http://www.answersingenesis.org/ KY
Antelope Valley Creation Science Museum (CA) http://www.avcsa.org/ CA
Apologetics Press (AL) http://www.apologeticspress.org AL
Arizona Origin Science Association (AZ) http://www.azosa.org/ AZ
Associates for Biblical Research (PA) http://www.biblearchaeology.org PA
Bible and Science Ministries (WA) http://hoyle.nwcreation.net/ WA
Bible-Science Association of Southern California (CA) http://www.bsa-ca.org/ CA
Bible-Science Guy (Dr William T. Pelletier) http://biblescienceguy.wordpress.com
Biblical Discipleship Ministries (TX) http://www.biblicaldiscipleship.org/ TX
California Institute of Omniology (CA) http://www.omniology.com/ CA
Canyon Ministries (AZ) http://www.CanyonMinistries.com AZ
Center for Origins Research and Education (OR) http://www.originsresearch.org/ OR
Center for Theology and Natural Sciences (CA) http://www.ctns.org/ CA
Christian Answers (AZ) http://www.christiananswers.net/eden/home.html= AZ
Christworks Ministries (VA) http://www.cwm4him.org/ VA
Compass.org—Pointing to Christ (ID) http://www.compass.org/ ID
Creation Adventures (Dr Steve Austin) http://creationadventures.com PA
Creation Astronomy|Spike Psarris http://www.creationastronomy.com/
Creation Concepts (IL) http://www.creationconcepts.org IL
Creation Engineering Concepts (OR) http://www.creationengineeringconcepts.org/ OR
Creation Evolution Headlines (CEH: David Coppedge) http://crev.info
Creation Experience Museum (MO) http://creationexperiencemuseum.com MO
Creation Family Ministries (NC) http://www.creationfamilyministries.org NC
Creation Illustrated Magazine (CA) http://www.creationillustrated.com CA
Creation Instruction Association (NE) http://www.creationinstruction.org/index.php NE
Creation Ministries International (GA) https://creation.com GA
Creation Moments, Inc. (MN) http://www.creationmoments.com/ MN
Creation Research of the North Coast (CA) http://www.creationnews.org/ CA
Creation Research Science Educ. Fdn., Inc. (CRSEF) (OH) http://www.worldbydesign.org OH
Creation Research Society http://www.creationresearch.org
Creation Resource Foundation (CA) https://www.awesomeworks.com/creation-resource-foundation/ CA
Creation Safaris (CA) http://www.creationsafaris.com CA
Creation Science Association for Mid-America (MO) http://www.csama.org/ MO
Creation Science Defense (GA) http://www.creationdefense.org/ GA
Creation Science Fellowship Inc. (PA) http://www.csfpittsburgh.org/ PA
Creation Science Fellowship NM http://www.csfnm.org NM
Creation Science Network (WA) http://www.creationproof.com/index.html WA
Creation Science Research Center (CA) http://www.parentcompany.com/csrc/ CA
Creation Science Society of Milwaukee (WI) http://www.cssmwi.org/ WI
Creation Studies Institute (FL) http://www.creationstudies.org/ FL
Creation Study Group (SC) http://www.creationstudygroup.org SC
Creation Summit http://creationsummit.com OK
Creation Super Library http://www.christiananswers.net/creation/ AZ
Creation Today (FL) http://creationtoday.org/ FL
Creation Training Initiative http://www.creationtraining.org/ ID
Creation Truth Foundation (OK) http://www.creationtruth.com/ OK
Creation Worldview Ministries (FL) http://www.creationworldview.org/ FL
Creationism.org (IN) http://www.creationism.org/ IN
Crying Rocks Ministry (AZ) http://www.cryingrocks.org AZ
Dave's Creation Resources (IL) http://www.davescreationresources.com/ IL
David Rives Ministries http://davidrivesministries.org TN
Defending the Christian Faith (Dr John Leslie) http://www.defendingthechristianfaith.org
Earth History Research Center (TX) http://origins.swau.edu TX
Earth Science Associates (TN) http://www.halos.com/ TN
East Tennesse Creation Science Association (TN) http://www.etcsa.org/ TN
Geoscience Research Institute (CA) http://www.grisda.org/ CA
Greater Houston Creation Association (TX) http://ghcaonline.com/ TX
His Creation (CO) http://www.hiscreation.com/ CO
Indiana Creation Science Association (IN) http://www.indianacreationscience.org IN
Institute for Creation Research (TX) icr.org TX
Institute for Scientific & Biblical Research (PA) http://www.isbrministries.org PA
Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center (CA) http://www.ideacenter.org/ CA
Intelligent Design Network, Inc. (KS) http://www.intelligentdesignnetwork.org/ KS
Logos Research Associates (CA) http://logosresearchassociates.org/ CA
Lutheran Science Institute (WI) http://www.lutheranscience.org WI
Master’s International School of Divinity (IN) http://www.mdivs.edu IN
Media Angels (FL) http://www.mediaangels.com FL
Midwest Creation Fellowship (IL) http://www.midwestcreationfellowship.org IL
Molecular History Research Center http://www.mhrc.net/
Norm’s Place (IN) http://normsplace.homestead.com/creation.html IN
Northwest Creation Network (WA) http://nwcreation.net/index.html WA
Origin Science Association (VA) http://vaosa.org VA
Origins Resource Association (LA) http://www.originsresource.org/ LA
Project Creation (TN) http://www.projectcreation.org TN
Reasons for Faith Ministries (OR) http://kindell.nwcreation.net/ OR
Revolution Against Evolution (MI) http://www.rae.org// MI
Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship (CO) http://www.youngearth.org/ CO
San Antonio Bible Based Science Association (SABBSA) (TX) http://www.sabbsa.org TX
Science Against Evolution (CA) http://www.scienceagainstevolution.org/ CA
Science On Demand with Catie Frates (FL) https://www.scienceondemand.com/ FL
Science Partners (FL) http://www.sciencepartners.net/ FL
Scientific Facts About Evolution (TN) http://www.evolution-facts.org TN
Search for the Truth Ministries (MI) http://searchforthetruth.net/ MI
The ARK Foundation of Daytona (OH) http://www.arky.org/ OH
The Evolution Fairytale (Fred Williams)(CO) http://www.evolutionfairytale.com CO
The Insect Man (WV) http://www.insectman.us WV
The Monkey Trial http://www.themonkeytrial.com
The Starting Point Project (WI) https://www.thestartingpointproject.com/ WI
The True Origin Archive (TX) http://www.trueorigin.org/ TX
Triangle Association for the Science of Creation (NC) http://www.tasc-creationscience.org/ NC
Truth and Science Ministries (OH) https://www.biblical-truth.net OH
Twin Cities Creation Science Association (MN) http://www.tccsa.tc/ MN
Understand The Times (CA) http://www.understandthetimes.org CA
Upstate Creation Fellowship (SC) http://upstatecreationfellowship.com/ SC
Van Andel Creation Research Center (AZ) http://www.creationresearch.org/vacrc.html AZ
X-Evolutionist.com (OK) http://www.x-evolutionist.com OK