Darwinism: Science or Philosophy?

Editors Jon Buell and Virginia Hearn

Table of Contents

Symposium Participants vii
Introduction by Phillip E. Johnson 1

I Keynote Presentations 5
1. Phillip E. Johnson, Darwinism's Rules of Reasoning 6
2. Michael Ruse, Philosophical Preference, Scientific Inference, and Good Research Strategy 21
3. Stephen C. Meyer, Response to Michael Ruse: Laws, Causes, and Facts 29

II Johnson-Ruse Debate 41
4. Phillip E. Johnson, Darwinism and Theism 42
5. Michael Ruse, Theism and Darwinism: Can You Serve Two Masters at the Same Time? 51

III General Discussion, Responses, and Replies 59
6. Michael J. Behe, Experimental Support for Regarding Functional Classes of Proteins to Be Highly Isolated from Each Other 60
6a. Leslie K. Johnson, Response to Michael J. Behe 72
6b. Michael J. Behe, Reply to Leslie K Johnson 77
7. William A. Dembski, The Incompleteness of Scientific Naturalism 79
7a. K. John Morrow, Jr., Response to William A. Dembski 95
8. Frederick Grinnell, Radical Intersubjectivity: Why Naturalism Is an Assumption Necessary for Doing Science 99
8a. Peter van Inwagen, Response to Frederick Grinnell 107
9. Leslie K. Johnson, How Incomplete Is the Fossil Record? 114
9a. David L. Wilcox, Response to Leslie K Johnson: Evolution as History and the History of Evolution 128
10. K. John Morrow, Jr., Teleological Principles in Biology: The Lesson of Immunology 138
1Oa. Michael J. Behe, Response to K John Morrow, Jr. 149
1Ob. K. John Morrow, Jr., Reply to Michael J. Behe 154
11. Arthur M. Shapiro, X Does Not Entail Y: The Rhetorical Uses of Conflating Levels of Logic 158
11a. William A. Dembski, Response to Arthur M. Shapiro: X Does Implicate Y: Implication and Entailment in the Creation-Evolution
Debate 170
11b. Arthur M. Shapiro, Reply to William A. Dembski: X and Y and Bob and AI and Ted and Carol and Alice 175
12. Peter van Inwagen, Doubts About Darwinism 177
12a. Frederick Grinnell, Response to Peter van Inwagen: The Problem of Language 192
13. David L. Wilcox, A Blindfolded Watchmaker: The Arrival of the Fittest 195
13a. Arthur M. Shapiro, Response to David L. Wilcox: Darwin Twisting in the Wind 210
13b. David L. Wilcox, Reply to Arthur M. Shapiro: Tamed Tornadoes 215
Index 217


Phillip E. Johnson - J.D., University of Chicago, Jefferson E. Peyser Professor of Law, Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley.
Author of Darwin on Trial (Second Edition, Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1993) and Evolution as Dogma: The Establishment of
Naturalism (Dallas: Haughton Publishing, 1991).

Peter Van Inwagen - Ph.D. in Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy, Syracuse University. Author of Material Beings (New York: Cornell
University Press, 1992).

Michael E. Ruse - Ph.D. in Zoology, Professor of Zoology and Philosophy of Science, University of Guelph. Author of Darwinism
Defended (Reading, Mass: Addison-Wesley, 1982), chief expert witness in McLean v. Arkansas (the "Arkansas Creation Trial").

Arthur M. Shapiro - Ph.D. in Zoology, Professor of Zoology and Entomology, University of California, Davis. Acting Book Review
Editor of the journal Evolution, author of over 200 published works.

Michael J. Behe - Ph.D. in Chemistry, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Division of Biochemical Sciences, Lehigh University. Author
of numerous professional articles.

David L. Wilcox - Ph.D. in Population Genetics, Professor of Biology, Eastern College, St. David's, PA. Author of The Creation of
Species by Means of Supernatural Selection, (submitted to Baker Book House) and numerous professional articles.

William A. Dembski - Ph.D. in Mathematics, M.A., Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy. Post-doctoral Fellow in Philosophy of Science,
Nothwestern University, 1992-93. Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Princeton.

Leslie K. Johnson - Ph.D. in Zoology, Lecturer of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University. Author of numerous
professional articles.

K. John Morrow, Jr. - Ph.D. in Genetics, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Texas Tech University Health Sciences
Center. Author of numerous professional articles.

Frederick Grinnell - Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Professor of Cell Biology and Neuroscience, University of Texas Southwestern Medical
Center in Dallas. Author of The Scientific Attitude (New York: Guilford Press, 1992), and over 100 professional articles.

Stephen C. Meyer- Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Whitworth College. Author of several articles on
science and public policy.

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Published: 9 February 2006