Dr Dave Christie, B.Com., M. Admin., Ph.D., FAICD, FIMC



Born in Scotland, Dave became a Christian in 1956. The following year he dropped out of high school and signed up for a ten-year stint as a Royal Marines Commando. He did three overseas tours, and then spent his last three years of service at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines back in the UK, where he met and married Patricia in 1965. He attended night classes and completed his high school education. Following his discharge, they emigrated to Australia in 1967.

After a period of adjustment to civilian life, Dave was accepted by the Australian government for a six-year contract as a mature-age Patrol Officer in the Territory of Papua and New Guinea in 1969. His duties involved the social, economic and political development of the Mekeo and Kuni tribes. He was quickly promoted, his contract extended, and he was put in charge of a Field Training Unit working with members of the United Nations Development Programme to help prepare PNG for nationhood in 1975.

Dave returned to Australia in 1978 as Training Advisor with the Australian Institute of Management, then became Senior Consultant with a national management consulting firm. In 1980 he earned a bachelor of commerce degree, and ten years later a master’s in administration, at each of Queensland’s two leading universities, one of which later granted him a Ph.D. in management. He established his own management consulting business in 1983.

He retired in 2000 to be a fulltime student, completing his Ph.D. in 2002.

A volunteer with CMI since 2003, he has been on its Board of Directors since 2005, and Chairman since 2009.


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    Published: 5 January 2007