Dr Don Batten

B.Sc.Agr. (First Class Honours), Ph.D.

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Picture of Dr Don Batten


Don received both his B.Sc.Agr. (First Class Honours) and his Ph.D. from the University of Sydney. He worked for 20 years as a research horticulturalist with the NSW Department of Agriculture. His research included environmental adaptation of tropical/subtropical fruits such as mango, lychee and custard apple (Annona), floral biology, floral induction, breeding, environmental physiology (especially water requirements, effects of water deficits), plant taxonomy, and mineral nutrition. His research on floral induction of lychee and mango overturned long-held ideas which had been an impediment to the scientific understanding of these plants, as well as causing economic loss due to inappropriate management of these crops. He conducted a number of research projects that were externally funded, publishing his results in science journals.


Don joined the ministry in Brisbane, Australia in 1994 and has spoken around the world on the creation issue, showing the errors in the evolutionary ideas he was taught. He is co-author of The Creation Answers Book, One Blood, Answers to the 4 Big Questions, 15 Reasons to Take Genesis as History, and author of various booklets, including What about carbon dating? and What about arguments for evolution? Don is one of the three rotating editors of Creation magazine, and has written many articles for Creation as well as the in-depth Journal of Creation .

Dr Batten was the CEO and Managing Director of CMI-Australia from 2015 to 2022. He is now Senior Scientist, focusing on research, writing, and speaking.

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