Dr Joachim Scheven, Ph.D.

Paleontologist (Germany)


twisted-wing insect

Dr Joachim Scheven is a zoologist/paleontologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Munich. He worked as a research biologist at an institute in Tübingen and taught in Africa and Germany before setting up his single-handedly amassed collection of ‘living fossils’ in a Flood geology display at the Lebendige Vorwelt museum in Hagen Germany. He is also an expert on insects preserved in amber.

A living fossil

Dr Scheven even has a species of twisted-wing insect named after him: Bohartilla joachimscheveni (right). He discovered it in Dominican amber (fossilised tree resin),1 which evolutionists claim is 35 million years old. If that were true, imagine how many millions of generations of this Bohartilla would have given mutations the opportunity to change this type drastically. However, it is fundamentally identical to the living Bohartilla from Central America. The middle photo (genus Stichotrema) is also from Dominican amber, and again is identical to the living Stichotrema in the right photo. All are males of the insect order Strepsiptera (twisted wing). (From Creation magazine, 20(3):55, June–August 1998. Photos courtesy of Dr Scheven.).

Fossils never show any significant ‘evolution’—rather, they show that fossil creatures have no remaining living counterparts (extinction), or that they have stayed essentially the same (stasis), or have degenerated (lost information).


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