Dr. Thomas (Tong Y.) Yi, Ph.D.

Creationist Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Thomas Yi was born in Kyungkee, Korea in 1954. For his military service, he joined the military science and technology center as a research engineer. He had been there for 10 years from 1978 to 1988. In August 1988, he came to the US to study at the University of Arizona, and obtained an MS (Master of Science) Degree in Aerospace Engineering. His Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering at the same university was awarded for a thesis entitled "Structural ID Based on Vibration Data for Flexible & Rigid Multi-body System Dynamics." Since then, he was there as a research faculty for a while. In 1996 he moved to a western suburb of Chicago to take a position as a Technical Specialist at the CNH technology center. He has co-authored papers in mainstream journals such as ASME and SAE on the Flexible and Rigid Multi-body System Dynamics.

Dr. Yi has been a Christian since 1973. He has long been interested in the defense of the faith, and become a voting member of the Creation Research Society. To uphold the authority of the Bible, especially Genesis, he has established a ministry of the Korean ACT (Association for Creation Truth) at Chicago in June 1999. Through the ACT ministry he has presented various creation seminars at churches and schools. He also writes and reviews articles for the Korean Newspapers and the Christian Journal.


Some representative creation science articles written in Korean
  • The evidences of the intelligent design
  • The order of creation
  • The awesome creation of the universe
  • About ‘NIL’
  • About the origin of our sun
  • About the light
  • About the dimensional world
  • About the big bang theory
  • Is the solar system running?
  • The sun: our special star (translated)
  • The moon: The light that rules the night (translated)
  • The earth’s magnetic field (translated)
  • The first law of thermodynamics
  • The second law of thermodynamics (translated)
  • The wonders of water (translated)

Some representative papers in secular proceedings/ journals

  • Yi, T. Y., Vehicle Dynamic Simulations Based on Flexible and Rigid Multibody Models, SAE Paper No. 2000-01-0114, Society of Automotive Engineers, Detriot, MI, 2000.

  • Nikravesh, P. E., Yi, T. Y., and Park, J., Rigid-Flexible Multibody Simulation of A Vehicle Based On Experimentally Obtained Data, EUROMECH Colloquium 404, Advances in Computational Multibody Dynamics, Lisbon, Portugal, September, 1999.

  • Yi, T. Y. and Nikravesh, P. E., Identification of Free-Free Modes from Constrained Vibration Data for Flexible Multibody Models, ASME Paper No. DETC99/VIB-8231, 1999 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, Sept. 1999.

  • Yi, T. Y, Vibration Characteristics Prediction of Modified Structures For Flexible Vehicle Model, Proceeding of KOFST99, 1999 World Congress of Korean Scientists and Engineers, Seoul, Korea, 1999.

  • Yi, T. Y. and Nikravesh, P. E., Prediction of Modal Characteristics Due To Design Change, Proceedings of DETC97, Paper No. DETC97/VIB-4190, ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference, 1997.

  • Yi, T. Y., Response Simulation of an Automobile Using Flexible and Rigid Multibody Dynamics, Korean Federation of Scientists and Engineers International Conference, June 1996.

  • Yi, T. Y. and Nikravesh, P. E., Quasi-Finite Element Method, Technical Report CAEL-96-2, Computer-Aided Engineering Laboratory, Dept. of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, University of Arizona, 1996.

  • Wang, F. Y. and Yi, T. Y., Dynamical Modeling of Rotating Flexible Platforms, Proceedings of 31st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, pp. 1315-1316, 1992.

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Published: 11 February 2006