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For over 44 years, Creation Ministries International (CMI) has supported the church worldwide in proclaiming the truth of the Bible and thus, its Gospel message. We provide real-world answers to the most-asked questions in the vital area of creation/evolution, where the Bible is most under attack today—Genesis.

Collectively your hosts have visited and led tours in Egypt numerous times and are well-equipped to provide insight into all that you are seeing.

Guests on our previous tours have found them to be logistically well organized, biblically affirming and even life-changing. See our 2022 Tour Report and some great testimonies from our guests.

Gary Bates

Gary Bates relocated from Australia to head up the US office of Creation Ministries International (US) as its CEO in 2009. For many years he's been on the editorial team for Creation magazine, which now has subscribers in over 110 countries. He is also the producer of CMI’s award-winning documentary Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels. Gary has authored or coauthored nine books on the creation vs evolution debate, and is best known for his book Alien Intrusion: UFOS and the Evolution Connection¸ which is the only creation book ever to be an Amazon top-50 best seller. It deals with the troubling and growing UFO phenomenon from a biblical perspective. It has now been made into a major motion picture that has been shown in theaters worldwide. He has a special interest in Egyptology and has researched and written extensively on this topic. His comprehensive background article on the subject can be read here.

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Keaton Halley

Keaton Halley has a Master’s degree in Christian Apologetics and has been a part of CMI’s speaking team for 11 years. Keaton serves on the editoral team for Creation magazine. One of Keaton’s research interests is archaeology and how it supports biblical history. He has contributed a number of insightful articles on these themes to Creation magazine and CMI’s Tour Egypt booklet also includes a fascinating chapter by Keaton which highlights biblical connections to Egypt’s Ptolemaic period—when the Greeks ruled Egypt. In the last few years, Keaton has traveled to Egypt and Israel multiple times, to experience the places where significant biblical events took place. He is excited to participate in this tour as well, helping guests to see and understand further touchpoints between the Bible and the land of the pharaohs.

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Dr Robert Carter

Robert Carter, Ph.D., is an avid student of biblical history and how it relates to populations and genetics. Dr Carter has done research that helps to confirm the historicity of Adam and Eve, that people before Noah’s Flood could have lived for hundreds of years, and that the civilizations we see in the world today could have built up rapidly after the Flood. This has particular relevance to Egyptian history, where a large population and an advanced and sophisticated society arose within a few hundred years after the Tower of Babel. Indeed, the Bible tells us that one of Noah’s grandsons, Mizraim, was the founder of Egypt. As a biologist, Dr Carter has been at the forefront of computer modelling based upon modern genetics and the DNA databases of people groups available today. His research has concluded that we can, in fact, trust the Bible’s history. He will be sharing some of his fascinating findings with us on this trip.

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Egypt Luxor Tours

Egypt Luxor Tours is a family-based tour company that specializes in custom-made tours. Its CEO is a Christian who has guided CMI’s tours previously. They will be offering optional excursions prior to and after CMI’s official tour, as well as extra activities during our trip. We will advise you of these once your registration is complete.

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