Rhett and Link’s Deconstruction - What Happened?

13 Mar, 202054:39

Popular YouTube comedy duo Rhett and Link have recently released podcast episodes detailing their deconversion (‘deconstruction‘) from the Christian faith after formerly being heavily involved with Christian ministry work. This news is making waves, but what led to this sad result for them? CMI’s Dr Robert Carter and Paul Price weigh in.

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Links and Show Notes

Rhett’s Spiritual Deconstruction
Link’s Spiritual Deconstruction
An open letter to Rhett McLaughlin
Rhett’s Spiritual Deconstruction
Link’s Spiritual Deconstruction
It’s Not Science!
The Christian Roots of Science
Human-Chimp Similarity Re-evaluated
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Function for Endogenous Retroviruses
Interview shows public universities program students with anti-Christian bias
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