Dr John Anderson

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19 October 2018
Cowra ministry with

About Dr John Anderson

John graduated in medicine from the University of Melbourne in 1967 before commencing full time military service with the Royal Australian Navy, specialising in diving medicine, and submarine escape and rescue. He is a former Officer-in-Charge of the Navy’s Submarine and Underwater Medicine Unit at Balmoral, NSW, and retired from the Navy in the rank of Commander to enter general practice.

John knows only too well the importance of the origins debate because he remembers his own uncritical acceptance of evolution as an atheist. He simply believed the ‘proof’ he'd seen in textbooks, and had no idea just how flimsy its foundation was. Now as a Christian, he sees clearly that anything other than a full acceptance of the Biblical account of a recent creation, followed by man's fall into sin, seriously undermines the Gospel message, and diminishes the uniqueness and glory of Jesus Christ.

John, who has a Licentiate in Theology (ThL), has been a subscriber to Creation magazine since the first issue in 1978. He works as a part-time GP and speaks part-time for Creation Ministries International.


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