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Evolution on other worlds

Dealt with by our new ‘aliens’ documentary!


Published: 10 August 2017 (GMT+10)

First appeared in a CMI newsletter June 2017

Why on Earth would CMI produce a documentary about alleged creatures outside Earth? Many people asked the same question about the book Alien Intrusion back in 2004. However, science fiction involving aliens is an enormously influential cultural concept, with many all-time box office hits and its evolutionary-based ideas lead many astray. So what should Christians think about life on other planets, and fantastic reports of alien abductions?


The UFO topic reaches many science fiction fans who would not normally pick up a creationist or even a Christian book, as amply proved when the book reached the Amazon top-50 list. It clearly presented the Gospel and is still #56 in books about UFOs. Our movie will have the same aim.

I like the alien/sci-fi genre—I’ve watched every single episode of every Star Trek, Stargate, and Babylon 5 TV series and all their related films, as well as all the Star Wars films. Yet I am also a Ph.D. scientist, and know that the operative word in ‘science fiction’ is fiction, i.e. fantasy for both scientific and biblical reasons.

Aliens based on evolution

One major reason for belief in alien life is: since life evolved here on earth via chemical evolution, then it must have evolved elsewhere on the billions of planets that must inhabit this vast universe. However, this widely assumed belief has no basis in fact—one evolutionist even advised: “Pssst! Don’t tell the creationists, but scientists don't have a clue how life began.”1 Too late—we have long known about the intractable problems involving real science of chemistry and information theory!2 For example, one evolutionary biochemist admitted the problems with all theories in an article titled, “The RNA world hypothesis: the worst theory of the early evolution of life (except for all the others).”3

Some evolutionists, including Francis Crick, co-discoverer of DNA’s structure have admitted the intractable problems in both chemistry and information, so they appeal to aliens in another way. Aliens seeded life!4 So, such notions are now mainstream science! But then, how did the aliens evolve from non-living chemicals? It just displaces the intractable problems of chemical evolution to elsewhere in the universe.

Science fiction, not science fact!

One huge problem is the vast distances to any other stars. The closest star system to ours is Alpha Centauri, 4.37 light-years away. I.e. its light, although travelling at 300,000 km/s (186,000 mps) or ‘c’ takes 4.37 years to get here. One light-year is just under 10 trillion km (about 6 trillion miles). But how could we get there in human life-times?

The only answer is enormous speed. E.g., at third of light speed, it would take 13 years to reach the nearest star. This is about 10,000 times the speed our Saturn V moon rockets needed to escape the earth’s gravity. One of the most dangerous times of the Apollo moon missions was take-off. If the rocket had failed, then all the fuel would have exploded with the energy of 2 kilotons of TNT (compare the Hiroshima bomb of 15 kt). Our new movie interviews one of the pioneers of the heady days of the US space program, Dr Henry Richter. What an honour to have him fully on board with our project.

However, there is a huge problem that senior high-school physics students learn: several important quantities depend on the square of the speed. This includes the energy needed to reach that speed—and the energy of any collision at that speed, and the ‘lurching’ force when the craft turns.5

So, a starship of the same mass as the Saturn V (let alone the huge ships of sci-fi) would need 100 million times the energy—almost 400 times the energy that would be released if the total global nuclear arsenal exploded. And a collision with even a grain of dust would be like a ton of TNT exploding. Also, if the spacecraft had to turn even as gently as the diameter of the solar system, the lurching would mean fatal ‘g-forces’ on all the crew.

Aliens and the Bible

Many also say, the Bible doesn’t say that aliens don’t exist, and surely they must because the universe is so huge. However, our position is not an argument from silence, but a logical deduction from clear statements in the Bible, starting with Genesis.

For example, God gave mankind dominion over the rest of creation (Genesis 1:26–28)—not any alien life form. And when Adam fell, the whole creation was cursed (Romans 8:18–23)—which would logically include the Vulcan and Klingon home-worlds and Coruscant, for example. And this whole creation will be redeemed because God took on human nature in the Incarnation of Christ, expressly so humans could be saved (Hebrews 2:14). Christ became our ‘kinsman-redeemer’ (Isaiah 59:20), a fellow descendant of Adam. God never took on Vulcan or Klingon nature.

And the redeemed people will be one bride of Christ’s bride (Ephesians 5:22–33; Revelation 19:7–9). Christ will be monogamous, with only a human bride, not polygamous with Vulcan and Klingon brides as well.6 Hopefully you can see the very Gospel is at stake, and thus, why we need to deal with the phenomenon.

Alien encounters?

This ground-breaking film also interviews people that have had real experiences of some sort. Whatever they have encountered, make no mistake—they are far from the benevolent aliens of sci-fi, but are highly malevolent. Often these isolated people have nowhere to turn. However, the Bible reveals that there are evil and powerful spirits, and they have the ability to deceive. Fortunately, one group of people seems to be immune, as even secular ‘alien’ researchers admit: evangelical Christians. This is easy to explain: no evil spirit is a match for the indwelling Holy Spirit.

With your support, this documentary has the great potential for outreach unlike anything else in our apologetics arsenal. It greatly expands on the above points. Finally, it also shows the dramatic way that the Gospel transforms broken lives. I encourage you all to ‘get on board’ for what is sure to be an exciting ride when the movie is released.

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Readers’ comments

Eddie C.
I read the Alien Intrusion book last year. It is a great read because despite whether or not you have ever had an alien experience its evidences are faith affirming. Many abduction experiences sound very familiar to an experience I had when I was a teenager. However, because I had grown up in church, I knew very quickly my experience was demonic in nature. I didn't see anything, but I very much felt a force push me on to my bed in my room and hold me down. I could not move as much as I tried. I knew when I realized what was going on that calling the name of Jesus would cause the incident to end, and it did immediately. I grew up in church, but I wasn’t living for God at the time. I believe God allowed that to happen to me to wake me up. It worked, I was heading down the wrong path and that incident really changed my trajectory. I have never forgotten that experience and now I use it whenever doubts creep in to remember that Jesus intervened for me then and he still can and has since, but thankfully, no more experiences like that have occurred.
Bill P.
Mankind (including myself at one time) refuse to humble themselves before The True and Living God. If it were not for The Grace of God and the knowledge that I needed a Savior, I would be one of many who put there hope in everything but the real truth, including E.T.s. I’ve always loved science, it came easy for me, but even in my youth when I was not a believer in The Gospel I had doubts about what I was being taught in earth science, biology, and it's many fields, and chemistry.

It’s sad to see many learned people famous in these fields to refuse to admit there had to be a creator, even though some have admitted that all things seem to have been designed. For the everyday person who cling to E.T. as the answer for their hopes, I have had many talks with them over the years. Many have become very angry when when I expressed that one day soon the world will see that their ideas of E.T. are going to turn out to be something totally different than what they expected. I do not get angry w/them for I myself as said before thought as they do now.

I believe The Word of God gives us just enough insight as to what these U.F.O.s and E.T.s really are. I look forward to the release of this film you guys have put together, and hope that some of those I have talked to over the years will at least take time to watch it with me. Is there a confirmed release date for this film? Lord willing I'll be first in line to buy a copy. Very much enjoy the work you guys do. Thank You.
Jonathan Sarfati
The plan is for a theatre release in January. It would be excellent if groups would come to the this, e.g. church youth groups.
Grahame G.
I am very keen to see this released and I’m sure it will have the same quality of previous CMI movies such as Darwin and EAH.

I am also looking forward to hiring our local Picture Gardens again and screening it for free public attendance and proving resources to equip the church and inform unbelievers.

Unfortunately it will have to wait until after the wet season finishes in about April next year. Maybe we can screen it when Tas comes to visit my little, remote town. That has some of the most amazing creation in the world. And constant reminders of Noah's flood everywhere, for those not blind and inert.

While much of our world seems to be heading away from God, it is great to see CMI is on the frontline in the revival that is occurring.
Patrick P.
Of course aliens have evolved—the same way as evolution on Earth has occurred—in the fallen minds of deluded people!

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