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5 May 2004

According to biologists Bert Thompson and Brad Harrub, the origin of sex is not a matter of mere chance or a ‘lucky role of the dice’.  In the latest issue of Journal of Creation, they show convincingly that sex is the product of an intelligent Creator.

In two incisive articles, Thompson and Harrub explore the highly complex and intricate manner in which the human body reproduces offspring.  ‘No one has been able to explain—from an evolutionary viewpoint—the origin of sex.’

It’s not rocket science to grasp that the evolutionary perspective raises many impossible issues.  Exactly how did we arrive at two separate genders—each with its own physiology?  Why would animals abandon asexual reproduction in favor of more costly and inefficient sexual reproduction?

Either sex is the result of an historical accident or it is the invention of an intelligent creator.  Although current theories of sexual reproduction try valiantly to explain why sex exists now, they do not explain the origin of sex. 

In the current issue of Journal of Creation (18(1)), Thompson and Harrub issue a challenge.  ‘If, as evolutionists argue, there is a materialistic answer for everything, then they need to answer the question: Why sex?’

Also, in issue Journal of Creation18(1):

  • Popular myths about dinosaur extinction are not all that they seem. Did a meteorite impact on the Yucatán Peninsula really wipe out the dinosaurs?  Does the iridium layer at the K/T boundary prove the impact actually happened?
  • Standing stone pipes in north-eastern Bulgaria reveal radical insights into ancient carbonate environments.
  • Haeckel’s gill slits are ‘down’ but ‘not out’?  Ernst Haeckel doctored drawings of developing embryos to show fish-like ‘gill slits’ as a throwback of common evolutionary ancestry.  Why is this fraud, known for over 100 years, still used in high school and university textbooks today? 
  • Fossilized fish in ‘Early’ Cambrian strata in China are forcing a rethink of vertebrate evolution.  Why have evolutionists so long resisted evidence for vertebrates in the Cambrian? 
  • New observations of distant galaxy filaments tell a story about the origin of the universe.  Why do these structures raise more problems for the big bang?
  • Why do biology textbooks still teach evolutionary ideas on racism and eugenics?
  • See new geological evidence for large-scale watery catastrophe. 
  • The Genesis-geology debate began in the 19th century but it still pertinent today.
  • Biologists discover more functions for so-called ‘Junk DNA’.  What does this say about the origin of the DNA code?
  • Book reviews including: The Seashell on the Mountaintop, The Way of the Cell, Footprints in the Ash and Structure of Evolutionary Theory
  • Letters and discussion.  Keep up with the diversity of views in the creationist scientific community.

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Journal of Creation is ground-breaking, informative and sometimes controversial.  And it’s always excellent. 

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TJ 18(1)
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Published: 8 February 2006