Exit SARS … enter same-sex ‘marriages’!

by the staff of CMI–Canada (with Mark Looy)

22 September 2003

Canada is in the headlines once again. Months ago, it was the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) health crisis, and now it’s a health crisis of a different sort—the health of the God-ordained institution of marriage in the second largest country (by landmass) on earth.

First, on Parliament Hill in the capital of Ottawa last week, debate about the definition of marriage came closer to being a ‘settled issue’ in Canada. A motion to reaffirm the heterosexual definition of marriages was defeated on Tuesday, 137 to 132. Soon after that defeat, Bill C-250 (sponsored by openly homosexual Member of Parliament Svend Robinson) passed by a vote of 143 to 110, which will extend ‘hate-crime’ protection to gays and lesbians. The bill now goes to the Canadian Senate, which will most likely ‘rubberstamp’ the bill.

Despite protestations to the contrary by C-250 sponsors, many Christian leaders in Canada are concerned that they will not be able to speak out against homosexual behaviour, and that the government may even determine that the Bible is ‘hate’ literature. The penalty: up to 5 years’ imprisonment!1

What has happened? How can this be?

For years, our ministry has been providing a clear answer as to why Western societies continue to decline: namely,our once-Christianized nations have turned their backs on the authority of the Bible, and along the way, many of their churches have lost social significance in their countries. The church has largely refused to defend a worldview in which God the Creator is at the center, and is the One who lays down absolute standards for such things as marriage (Genesis 2:24).

Western political leaders in countries like Canada are now defenders and aggressive pushers of a worldview in which ‘man is the measure of all things’ (as Protagoras put it in the 5th century BC). No more is it the words of the Bible. And now the state, Canada, is trying legal means to impose a worldview on institutions like marriage; meanwhile, the non-compromising Bible-believing churches have largely been lax in not promoting the biblical worldview and the absolute standards that come from it.

In ridiculing the first eleven chapters of Genesis through ‘science’ (like evolution and millions of years), the secular world has managed to convince too many Christians that they don’t have to accept biblical authority in Genesis regarding doctrine and institutions (like marriage, in Genesis 2). They have thus laid the groundwork for Christians not to accept scriptural authority in other sections of the Bible (e.g., in Leviticus 20:13, where homosexual behavior is condemned). In fact, secularists don’t seem to mind if Christians are ‘spiritual’ persons, as long as they keep their opinions to themselves. Meanwhile, secularists push a worldview (i.e., evolutionary humanism) that is the only legal scientific view that can be presented in public schools.

Unfortunately, this ‘spiritualizing’ attitude has resulted in most Sunday schools not teaching anything more than Bible stories, and are not doing anything to counter the Monday-Friday humanistic and evolutionary indoctrination received in public schools. These are places where children become solidly ‘evolutionized’ and then most often leave churches when they get older. Some become MPs (Members of Parliament), and then when it comes to a vote on homosexual-related bills, these former church-goers don’t look to the Bible for counsel but to humanist psychologists and scientists.

Recently, some British scientists stated that homosexuals are the ‘pinnacle of evolution!’3 ‘There, you see? Science confirms it,’ the secularists say! And many in the liberal church blithely follow along; some even ordain priests who are practicing homosexuals. These church-going compromisers of biblical truth have tried to purge the Bible of its clear condemnations of homosexual behaviour, which only helps the atheistic humanists when they attempt to convince a majority of the country of their viewpoint (i.e., people are more open to such bills when they see ‘men of the cloth’ backing them).

Many Christians don’t even see the battle going on: a struggle over biblical authority and its absolutes. If more Canadian Christians understood that God has provided answers from His Word about human conduct, then the Bible would be an effective spearhead against anti-God actions. Our supporters in Canada can be foot-soldiers in this battle, whose main weapon is the truth—biblical and scientific truth!

God has provided our ministry with highly trained scientists and speakers who tell a different story about the true history of the world and the origin of the family, beginning with Genesis. The Bible must be the ultimate authority in all the issues it touches upon.

Published: 6 February 2006


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