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There’s been a lot written and polls conducted about why young people are leaving the church in droves. But we felt it important for you to see and hear their reasons firsthand. Most of the time, when people see these percentages in print, they think, “Surely, these don’t apply to my congregation or my children!" However, as CMI can vouch from doing over 1200 presentations per year in churches around the world, this is a phenomenon that is occurring in most of our churches. So, what can we do about it?

From their own mouths

Watching Fallout! is a great place to start. In this short but powerful presentation, CMI conducted interviews with students on university campuses. What you see are the actual results—a representative sampling of their responses. There was no selective editing. And the pattern we found demonstrates the importance of training young people with a defense of biblical creation.

The pattern was no coincidence

Our interviews show unequivocally that the majority of young people who were not exposed to creation teaching in their youth now embrace evolution and no longer attend church. Yet, every student we spoke to who was equipped with answers as a young person still retains their Christian convictions, in spite of the evolutionary teaching they received in higher education. Better still, every single student we spoke to who affirmed biblical creation still attends church regularly.

Fallout! is also a great evangelistic tool as it shows there are answers to students’ questions.

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Treating the problem, not the symptoms

Many have responded to the youth exodus by trying to attract students with entertainment, games, and music. But these ‘solutions’ misdiagnose the problem. While such programs many initially attract, they don’t retain people for the long term. As our 30-minute DVD, Fallout!, shows, it is the intellectual challenges that are not being properly addressed. So, if we want to reach our young people, we need to answer their questions—the very questions they will get during higher education. This will help them to see that the Bible’s history is true, beginning in Genesis, which is the foundational book for the Christian faith itself.

CMI’s ministry directly addresses these questions

CMI can help to equip your church, and help prevent the loss of youth. Students need to learn the answers to the objections the world will bring to their doorstep, but they need the support of the whole church. And, we know from experience that inviting a creation speaker to your church to create awareness is the best way to inform the whole congregation and motivate them to address this problem. Have you ever considered bringing a CMI speaker to your church? Let us help you to transform your youth, and indeed your whole church, and give them a more confident Christianity.

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Mary H. wrote:

“My package (with 100 Fallout! DVDs in it) arrived on Friday! I picked it up at the post office (I had called and asked them to hold it) on my way to the county fair. I wrote the website of our local creation science group on the envelope and handed out about 40 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They were well received.
“Several people agreed that kids leaving the church is a problem. One woman sadly mentioned that she was trying to get her adult son to come back to church. I explained the role evolution and creation teaching played and gave her a copy of the DVD.”

Published: 4 October 2016