Family Camp exposes the lie of evolution!

This week's positive feedback is from C.E. of Victoria, Australia. To learn more about refuting evolution, see our Questions and Answers area. Also, stay tuned for more information on AiG's upcoming seminars in the Philippines.


My name is C.E., 17 yrs. of age and attends church in Victoria.

I first heard of AIG last Dec. 22, 2000, during our 3 days family camp held at Mountain Valley Camp. I was then, excited not only that we're going to have fun during those days but excited to listen to our lecturer, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. I came from a Christian family, probably knows almost of the Bible stories but I still believe in what many scientist do and believes. And from the country that I came from, the issue of Creation Vs. Evolution is not really a serious thing, i mean even in the church they didn't explain it thoroughly and even christian teachers in school don't have the courage to oppose this evolution, in fact they're the one teaching it! The reason behind, I don't know...

I'm just visiting my relatives here in Australia for 1 yr., and I thought it's very long and I'm beginning to feel bored but God has a plan for me to be here I learned how really great is our God through His creations and it's just sad to think that His own creation, questioning His mightiness and greatness, instead of praising Him and thanking Him for creating us. Now, that i know Creation well, and Evolution is a lie, it is my heart desire to share it to my friends, some of my families and especially to those know nothing about Jesus and Creation... Though, I'm not that very well to explain things, I know that God will give me wisdom to clear things.

If you guys, haven't add Philippines in your list to visit in the future well, I urge you!

Thank you for reading my email and I pray that this organization will grow bigger and will lead people to Jesus as it is now. God bless!


Published: 2 February 2006