‘Feathered’ dinosaurs and other fossils from Liaoning, China


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Dinosaur fossils from the Jehol Group in Liaoning Province, northeastern China, have become famous in popular scientific circles in recent years. Science writers, traveling dinosaur exhibits and the media give the impression that the new finds prove birds evolved from dinosaurs. But a recent re-examination of the evidence leads to very different conclusions.

Photo by Andrew Sibley Lycoptera found in Liaoxi area of Liaoning Province China showing a Jurassic date of 150 Ma.
Photograph of small fish Lycoptera found in Liaoxi area of Liaoning Province China showing a Jurassic date of 150 Ma. These layers were subsequently reassigned to the Early Cretaceous. The evidence remains equivocal, with fauna from both the Triassic and upper Cretaceous present in the Jehol Group. (Click image for larger view)

In the latest Journal of Creation, 21(1), Andrew Sibley digs deeply into the Liaoning strata, the fossils and the dating techniques, and unearths a devastating critique of the way the information has been interpreted and handled.

‘Instead of adjusting the hypotheses to fit the new discoveries, evidence has been forced to fit the prevailing paradigm,’ Sibley said.

In his report in Journal of Creation he claims that the finds do not support the current evolutionary scenarios, but point instead to watery catastrophe and rapid burial.

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In the latest Journal of Creation 21(1):

  • Walking sharks. Are these marine monsters really evolution in action?
  • The Fall of Adam. Was it universal and what are the implications for us?
  • An Australian fossil crocodile. Claimed to re-write evolution but swimming in a different direction.
  • The post-Flood boundary. Where is it and how can we know? A powerful and thorough analysis to settle the question once and for all.
  • Of yaks and zebus. Exploring the original cattle kind with bariminology, the powerful biblical way of understanding animal relationships.
  • Israel’s sojourn in Egypt. Detailed analysis of a key element of biblical chronology.
  • Book Reviews. Total Truth; The Language of God; Genetic Entropy & The Mystery of the Genome; and many more.
  • Origin of grass. New fossil discovery cuts through long-held beliefs and pushes it well back into the ‘Mesozoic’.
  • And lots, lots more.

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Published: 9 March 2007