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The Geological Society of Australia seeks to censor creation, intelligent design and Flood geology December 27, 2008
But mainstream geologists would benefit by trying to understand the creationist viewpoint.

Are 'gain of function' mutations really downhill and so not supporting of evolution? December 20, 2008
A researcher questions the generalization of the findings of research on ‘gain-of-function’ mutations in the thyroid hormone system, claiming an example of new, information-gaining mutations.

Transplants, xenotransplants, xenotransfusion and xenoexperimentation December 13, 2008
Are blood transfusions and organ transplants ethical? What about animal-to-human? Animal organs are routinely transplanted into humans (xenotransplantation); researchers test on animals first, then humans. Is this ethical?

Unfair to Islam? Round 2 December 6, 2008
More on the ‘peaceful Muslim majority’, Islamic history and current practices.

Helium evidence for a young world continues to confound critics November 29, 2008
Russ Humphreys responds to six years of criticism of one part of the creationist research initiative into Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth (RATE).

Unfair to Islam? November 22, 2008
What does the Qur’an really teach about Jihad? Are most Muslims peaceful, and what is the significance of this?

Feeding carnivores on the Ark, and refuting an accusation of 'closet scientism' November 15, 2008
How could Noah feed the lions on the Ark? And are creationist science projects like RATE examples of the scientism we decry?

Quartzite gravel in soils November 8, 2008
More evidence for Noah’s Flood.

Creationist article 'saved my favourite cow' November 1, 2008
Did a creationist article on supergerms really help to save a cow from an otherwise fatal illness? What should we learn from this?

Why is CMI so dogmatic on 24-hour creation days? Revisited October 25, 2008
More discussion from a previous feedback about the importance of six consecutive normal-length creation days.

Steve Jones and the 'end of human evolution' October 18, 2008
An evolutionist says human evolution has stopped, but a creationist argues that it hasn’t. What’s going on?

Why is CMI so dogmatic on 24-hour creation days? October 11, 2008
Why does six-day creation matter? How can we refute old-earth compromisers?

A very tired Christian October 4, 2008
A Christian says he’s tired of the creation-evolution debate. Dr Don Batten explains its importance, documents how it has helped people come to Christ, and cites biblical encouragement for the weary.

Large Hadron Collider continues to confuse September 27, 2008
If the LHC discovers the Higgs boson, would this prove the big bang? And did CMI get the LHC proton energy calculations right?

Church of England apologises to Charles Darwin September 20, 2008
Anglican leaders’ appeasement of evolutionary theory in 2008, just before Darwin’s bicentennial, was as futile as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, 70 years previously.

Christianity, Islam and science September 13, 2008
Was the scientific method being practiced in Islamic lands centuries before modern science became established in Medieval Christian Europe?

'Female inferiority' raises questions (R) September 6, 2008
See the difference in the attitude towards women between the Bible writers and the founders of evolution.

Laminin, Atlas moths, and gay brains August 30, 2008
Is there really a protein shaped like Jesus? cross? Are there really moths that look like snakes? And are some people really born with ?gay? brains?

God, the universe, tolerance and suffering August 23, 2008
A World By Design conference attendee submits six questions, on existential type issues of the sort most people ponder at some point in their lives.

Some thermodynamics criticisms—and answers (#2) (R) August 16, 2008
The Second Law of Thermodynamics is poorly understood by many evolutionists and creationists alike. Physical chemist Dr Jonathan Sarfati addresses the misconceptions of an evolutionary science writer, and explains the informational difference between proteins and crystals.

Cryptids and UFOs—Is there a link? August 9, 2008
Are cryptids and UFOs two birds of a kind? Should CMI regard both with equal skepticism?

Doubting doubts about the Squishosaur August 2, 2008
Were the reports of soft tissue in T. rex bones all wrong? Is it time to discard this powerful-seeming evidence? Not yet, it seems.

Christopher Hitchens—blind to salamander reality July 26, 2008
A well-known atheist’s ‘eureka moment’ shows the desperation of evolutionists.

Did all dinosaurs lay eggs? July 19, 2008
A reader asks how scientists can be so sure that all dinosaurs were egg-laying reptiles. She even asks whether some could have been mammals.

CMI slammed over Singapore slammer July 12, 2008
Respondents take CMI to task over the tone of our ‘Wolf among the fold?’ article.

Karl Kruszelnicki: still missing the missing links July 5, 2008
Australian science personality Dr Karl Kruszelnicki takes creationists to task over transitional forms. Are his criticisms valid?

Refuting contrived pro-abortion arguments [Judith Jarvis Thomson, famous violinist] June 28, 2008
Some pro-abortionist philosophers advance arguments of which even most pro-abort politicians are unaware. But they are important to answer, as the culture moves further from sanctity of innocent human life.

The Fall, Curse and Satan June 21, 2008
Who is Satan, when did he fall and why, and what is his part in our sin? What did the subsequent Fall of mankind change?

Bacteria 'evolving in the lab'? (Lenski, citrate-digesting E June 14, 2008
The hype associated with this latest evolutionary claim is way out of kilter with the reality. The excitement just shows how little evidence there is for molecules-to-man evolution.

Ancient mutant Jamaican sea cows? June 7, 2008
Have they really found fossil sea cows with legs instead of flippers?

What about the 'Stone Age'? May 31, 2008
How can creationists explain evidence indicating that some ancient people lived in caves and used stone tools?

Genesis: Myth or History? May 24, 2008
A critic suggests that Genesis 1–11 was written in the genre of myth rather than as a literal historical account. How do we know it’s not myth?

The Geological Society of London again moves to silence debate on creation science May 17, 2008
Says that science and religion are incompatible … or was that compatible? See why they are confused.

Wolf among the fold? (critic from Singapore) May 10, 2008
A critic misrepresents a recent creation talk in Singapore. The response explains our aims in church talks and our materials, and refutes the critic’s errors in facts and logic.

Call to censor public information at the Giant's Causeway, UK May 3, 2008
Geological Society of London geologists are not enthused about defending their long-age views in public.

Pain in childbirth: result of the Fall or fear? April 26, 2008
A reader questions whether the curse on Eve was more about the anguish of raising children

Slipshod logic in Creation for Kids? April 19, 2008
A friendly critic gives us the chance to explain biblical teachings about the entrance of evil into the world, and when, and defend an astronomical creation argument.

Was Dawkins stumped? Frog to a Prince critics refuted again April 12, 2008
Our Frog to a Prince DVD shows the Apostle of Atheism unable to provide an example of information increase in the genome. See timeline, raw footage, and answer to critics.

Easter and Good Friday: questions and answers April 5, 2008
Some claim that the word ‘Easter’ is derived from a pagan goddess, and others claim that Jesus must have been crucified on a Wednesday. Read Dr Sarfati’s comments.

CMI and Spetner questioned on soundness of science (R) March 29, 2008
Evolutionists often confuse mutational change with adding information. But random changes overwhelmingly destroy information, that is, meaning.

Clearing the name of Christ (R) March 22, 2008
A critic seeks to attack creationist arguments that link Darwinism with horrors such as the Holocaust.

Professing Christian claims CMI site is 'full of lies' (R) March 15, 2008
Baseless accusations of dishonesty are to be expected from misotheists, but they are bizarre from professing Christians. How can they be answered? Also, WWJD?

The Hebrew language and Messianic prophecies (R) March 8, 2008
What does the Hebrew Bible really say about the coming Messiah and the days of Creation? A Jewish Christian helps a gentile Christian respond to Jewish ‘anti-missionary’.

Is it theoretically possible for wolves to give birth to a poodle? March 1, 2008
Since all dog breeds descended from wolves, then could today’s wolves (theoretically) give birth to a poodle?

"Does it matter which is right?" February 23, 2008
A questioner asks why Genesis should be taken as real history. Isn’t it just an account written for primitive people telling us that God created, so we should leave the details to ‘science’?

Mercury's magnetic message is not yet clear. Plus: Rebuttal to NAS appreciated. February 16, 2008
How well do creationist predictions line up with observations of Mercury’s magnetic field? Rebuttal to NAS appreciated; available as PDF.

An information-gaining mutation in HIV? February 9, 2008
Is a ‘novel’ gene discovered in 1988 an example of ‘new information’ arising by mutation?

Creationism, Science and Peer Review February 2, 2008
‘If creation is really science, then why isn’t it published in secular peer-reviewed journals?’

Why use apologetics for evangelism? (R) January 26, 2008
Why should Christians even bother to defend the faith? Mainly, because Scripture commands us to! And it has practical benefits of helping people come to faith and retain it, while refusal to defend the faith leads to apostasy.

How to win a debate about abortion January 19, 2008
Abortion is one of the great atrocities of our age. So how can we argue successfully against it, especially against the decree, ‘leave your faith out of politics’?

If God can do anything, then can He make a being more powerful than Himself? (Omnipotence) January 12, 2008
Can an omnipotent being make a being more powerful than himself, or a rock too heavy for him to lift? How should we understand ‘nothing is impossible for God’?

More about moths January 5, 2008
A recent attempt to restore the reputation of the peppered moth as an evolutionary icon falls flat