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Virgin birth parthenogenetic December 26, 2009
The fact that Mary’s first-born child was male puts paid to any attempts to explain away Jesus’ divine origin as a natural parthenogenetic birth.

Dogmatic 6000 years December 19, 2009
Some Christians are ‘uncomfortable’ about believing something ‘dogmatically’.

Intelligent intervention December 12, 2009
In trying to duplicate conditions whereby life is supposed to have arisen without intelligent intervention, evolutionists use intelligent intervention.

Why apologetics is important December 5, 2009
How a solid response to questions about science and Genesis strengthens our faith.

Hitler dalai lama conscience November 28, 2009
Why do some people commit mass murder yet others follow great moral teaching?

The fourth kind review reaction November 21, 2009
CMI’s review of the latest ‘aliens’ movie has certainly stirred readers’ passions.

Pandas thumb November 14, 2009
Is the panda’s thumb an example of natural selection increasing diversity?

Indoctrination of children November 7, 2009
A correspondent tackles CMI over our comments about the teaching of children.

RNA self replication October 31, 2009
Has spontaneous RNA self-replication been found, and is it evidence for chemical evolution? And is CMI ignorant of speciation?

Church of England apologises to Charles Darwin October 28, 2009
Anglican leaders’ appeasement of evolutionary theory in 2008, just before Darwin’s bicentennial, was as futile as Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler, 70 years previously.

Glycon Jesus October 24, 2009
A correspondent asks whether Jesus’ claims to deity might simply be made up ‘to separate the faithful from their money.’ Lita Sanders responds.

Darwin racism October 17, 2009
Some today would like to believe that Darwin’s views about ‘savages’ like the Fuegians were just a product of his time, rather than of his evolutionary ideas.

Folding rocks and atheists teaching rights October 10, 2009
If Christians want to be allowed to teach what they believe, then why shouldn’t atheists enjoy the same freedom?

Red Sea crossing October 3, 2009
Could the Israelites leaving Egypt have really made it across the Red Sea in just a day?

Violent crime September 26, 2009
Evil has been around in the world a long time. But today, evolutionary teaching gives evil-doers the justification they previously lacked.

New genetic information September 19, 2009
Contrary to evolutionist claims, Richard Lenski’s citrate-digesting bacteria do not support microbes-to-man evolution.

Who Is The Creator September 12, 2009
In a rare situation, a reader says he is convinced of recent creation, but doubts if the Bible or Christianity is true.

Knowing Christ through creation evangelism September 5, 2009
A correspondent who once mocked Christians tells of the time he watched two brave young men declare their faith in the open. Their street preaching was not in vain.

Is Darwin criticism valid today August 29, 2009
Some criticize creationist groups such as CMI for critiquing Darwin.

Suicidal atheist converts to Christ August 22, 2009
A former atheist found himself suicidal when he realized the implications of atheism, which logically destroys all meaning and purpose in our existence. Thankfully he has now found purpose and meaning.

UFO phenomenon growing August 15, 2009
Society’s cultural views are constantly shifting to keep pace with its evolutionary worldview. Can the church get up to speed when much of it fails to identify the root cause?

Explaining new cosmology August 8, 2009
A reader misunderstands time dilation on the fourth day of creation week. Russ Humphreys explains that it really is an ordinary length day according to Earth clocks.

Creation information circular reasoning August 1, 2009
Philip Bell and Carl Wieland respond to a young but very well-informed critic.

Darwin historians not misrepresented July 25, 2009
As CMI’s Darwin documentary The Voyage that Shook the World starts to impact, serious allegations emerge which are easily documented as incorrect.

Cain's wife explanation 'gross and disgusting'? July 18, 2009
The ‘Who was “Mrs Cain”?’ question is a good example of how Christians should use logical deduction from Scripture rather than emotional reaction.

Citizens for Science and NCSE cartoons July 11, 2009
Evolutionists should stop using creationist straw men and promoting abusive ad hominem arguments.

When was Cain conceived? And is CMI male dominated? July 4, 2009
Did Adam and Eve “need to get to know each other” before having children? And should CMI get a “woman’s viewpoint”? So biblical scholar Lita Sanders responds.

The Voyage Darwin film defended June 27, 2009
Anti-creationists are in a hot lather over The Voyage. Accusations of lying and deception are flying around the Internet. The truth?

Spore gamers attack Christianity June 20, 2009
Our critique of Spore brought anti-Christians out of the woodwork. The author’s response covers Bible reliability, scientific problems with evolution, and Christian v atheistic atrocities.

String theory "philosophy" challenged June 13, 2009
Are scientists truly objective? Is string theory religiously neutral and just an explanation of why our universe is the way it is?

The return of the Nephilim? June 6, 2009
According to the Israelite spies returning from the Promised Land, fearsome ‘giants’ were there. But hadn’t the Nephilim of Noah’s day all been destroyed in the Flood?

Adam and the immune system May 30, 2009
Did Adam have an immune system like ours? And if so, what was it for, if life was perfect and there were no diseases?

Ancient proteins and bugs, and vegan cats May 16, 2009
Responding to critics of our articles on dino proteins, Antarctic bacteria and the vegan cat. What would C-14 tests on those dino proteins find?

Dino proteins and blood vessels: are they a big deal? May 9, 2009
One blog claimed, ‘finding the rare, hardy biomolecule from dinosaurs is nothing to get excited about’. But see why proteins could survive the Flood but not eons.

The human umbilical vesicle ('yolk sac') and pronephros—Are they vestigial? May 2, 2009
A university lecturer teaches that the human umbilical vesicle (‘yolk sac’) and other temporary embryonic structures are vestigial—evidence that we evolved. Is this so?

Gospel Dates and Reliability April 25, 2009
When were the Gospels written? How long was this after the events they record? Should they be trusted if they were written decades later?

The disingenuous and anti-Christian nature of gay rights rhetoric April 18, 2009
The homosexual rights lobby use some deceitful tactics, and are guilty of glaring double standards. Some of their churchian allies exhibit remarkable eisegetical gymnastics to evade the Bible’s clear teaching.

The Bible vs slavery and apartheid April 11, 2009
Atheopaths love to blame slavery and apartheid on the Bible. Rather, slavery was a worldwide evil finally abolished by biblical Christians, and apartheid’s architect had a strong evolutionary philosophy.

Biblical creation impedes evangelism? Plus yet another uninformed atheist. April 4, 2009
Should believers accept billions of years and evolution to avoid ridicule? Did God ‘entrap’ Adam?

An emotional response to the age of the earth March 28, 2009
Not everyone gets angry when asked about a ‘young’ earth

Distant starlight, and dino and human fossils March 21, 2009
The Horizon problem: the big banger’s own distant starlight problem, and more evidence against the big bang. Why are there no mass graveyards of human and dino fossils?

Tas Walker not familiar with material science? March 14, 2009
An old oft-quoted argument for long ages turns out to be invalid.

Answering another uninformed atheist: Galileo, Miller-Urey, probability March 7, 2009
Historical revisionism about Galileo, and handwaving probability assertions, are no match for real history and science. Chemical evolution is still bankrupt regardless of atheists’ blind faith in it.

Answering uninformed atheists on DNA complexity February 28, 2009
Design of the genetic coding machinery, with its inter-related components, thwarts materialistic explanation. Evolution is thus a deduction from materialism not science.

A skeptic falsely accuses creationists of lying about human and ape similarities February 21, 2009
An evolutionist accuses creationists of lying, but the accusation proves to be utterly false and instead reflects badly on the accuser.

Is baptism necessary for salvation? Further feedback. Plus a reader asks about death. February 14, 2009
A writer took issue with a recent feedback pointing out a logical fallacy in an argument for baptismal regeneration. Another reader asks if death is really a bad thing.

Origin of life questions, and what biblical creationists really believe February 7, 2009
CMI commended for providing answers that pastors wouldn’t, and helps refute atheist’s chemical evolution propaganda and misunderstandings about biblical Creation/Fall model.

Cannibalism complaint against CMI January 31, 2009
A reader takes us to task for:
1. promoting what she regards as ‘cannibalism’
2. promoting ‘race mixing’
3. not teaching baptismal regeneration.

Hypocritical hostility towards Christians, and explaining hereditary defects January 24, 2009
How should Christians react to increasing worldly hostility? And what exactly are hereditary diseases?

How can distant starlight reach us in just 6,000 years? January 17, 2009
Creationists have more in their armoury now to deal with that question than ever before—while the problems for long-age evolutionists just get worse.

Was Christianity plagiarized from pagan myths? January 10, 2009
?to be supplied?

Peter Singer: "Christians condone murder to harvest donor organs". Is he right? January 3, 2009
A supporter asks about this infamous atheist ‘ethicist’ accusing Christians of hypocritically putting aside the ‘Genesis/God’s image’ argument when it suits them.