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Unsolved mysteries December 27, 2014
Should creationists do more to highlight weaknesses and mysteries in our understanding?

Trinity torah homosexual December 21, 2014
Does the Trinity make the Bible harder to understand? And how should Christians today interpret the Torah’s laws regarding homosexuality? We have answers!

Rapid magnetic field reversal Coe retraction November 30, 2014
Earth’s magnetic field decay, combined with rapid reversals during the Flood, is good evidence for a young world. But now one secular co-author of the rapid reversal papers has retracted.

Professing Christians Bible not factual November 29, 2014
Answering religious critics who deny that Genesis gives reliable history.

Genesis infallible November 22, 2014
Can we trust that the creation narrative in Genesis is actual history?

Natural selection fact contra Guliuzza November 16, 2014
Refuting creationist Randy Guliuzza’s criticisms of natural selection, which is actually an important part of the creation model.

Scientific fact the Word of God and understanding November 2, 2014
Some Christians accuse creationists of being too argumentative. Is the criticism justified?

Geological column and mineral exploration October 19, 2014
Are they essential for mineral exploration?

Missing the link between Darwin and racism October 12, 2014
Despite the evidence, many evolutionists deny that racist attitudes reached new levels because of Darwin’s ideas.

Thomas Aquinas young earth creationist October 5, 2014
Make peace with Evolution? And what did leading medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas believe about creation days and Adam and Eve?

Meaning death suffering September 27, 2014
How do we know that there is objective meaning in the world? And why would a loving God allow suffering?

Creation suffering September 20, 2014
Answering the questions: Did the universe exist before creation week? And why did God introduce suffering with the Fall?

what if wrong September 7, 2014
A correspondent asks, ‘What if you get to heaven and Jesus tells you that you were wrong?’

Animal carnivory began at Fall August 31, 2014
The Bible is clear that humans were only permitted to eat meat after Noah’s Flood but is less clear on whether animals were eating each other before the Flood.

Essential-trinity August 30, 2014
Does the Bible really teach that there is one God in three Persons?

Conversion, apostasy, and CMI’s approach August 17, 2014
Why words mean the same to man and God.

Hinduism and other religions August 16, 2014
Is there a difference between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam? And what about Buddhism?

Playing mind games August 10, 2014
Does the fact that our instincts, emotions and reasoning are each controlled by separate components of our brain give evidence of its evolutionary development?

Old earth evidence August 3, 2014
Does the Bible really teach a 6,000 year old creation? And is there good evidence that the earth is older than that?

Transsexuals gospel July 27, 2014
How should Christians love transsexual people?

Was Adam more guilty than Eve July 26, 2014
We discuss whether the Bible says that either Adam or Eve was more guilty than the other.

Oxidizable carbon ratio dating July 20, 2014
What is it? And is it evidence against the Bible’s age of the earth?

Christian hostility biblical creation July 13, 2014
There are many different reasons.

Salter’s trilobite evidence for biblical history July 12, 2014
Evidence for a young earth and biblical history.

Taking Bible seriously July 6, 2014
Is our authority God’s Word or secular uniformitarian ‘science’? Taking the Bible ‘seriously’ means taking it as God’s Word according to its original meaning.

Recovery after flood June 29, 2014
Would volcanic dust and ash block the sunlight? And would salt cover the continents?

Hard time finding God June 22, 2014
The ‘evidence’ David Attenborough and others present for evolution has caused a reader to question his faith.

Why did Jesus have to die June 14, 2014
If only the sinful die, why did Jesus?

On topic debates June 8, 2014
Tips on how to keep debates with friends on origins on topic.

Adam Eve lifespans eternal destinies June 7, 2014
Answering questions about the length of time before the Fall and where Adam and Eve will spend eternity.

Can CMI refute June 1, 2014
CMI is often asked to give a refutation of various TV shows and other media. Why don’t we always?

devolution offensive May 31, 2014
CMI consigned to hell for proposing loss through mutational degeneration.

Open minded May 25, 2014
Should Christians embrace teachings from other religions?

Blinkered scientists May 24, 2014
A correspondent tells of shellfish and seaside aromas emanating from limestone when broken open to reveal beautifully preserved bivalve shells.

Responses to apostate May 18, 2014
A supporter gets answers to questions raised by a friend who abandoned his faith and his understanding of creation and embraced evolution.

Why Jesus May 17, 2014
Some Jews and Muslims are creationists, too. So why do we emphasize the Gospel?

geologists-not-biased May 10, 2014
A critic claims that geologists are not biased when it comes to interpreting the age of the earth.

Theistic evolution problematic May 4, 2014
Dialogue with a long-time theistic evolutionary objector to our material highlights the problems and dangers of theistic evolution.

What motivation May 3, 2014
What is our reason for engaging in apologetics? And why should we thank God?

Paracas skulls April 27, 2014
Unsurprisingly, these skulls are not aliens, even though some people want you to think they are.

nihilism April 26, 2014
Is God’s definition of ‘good’ arbitrary?

Race mixing April 19, 2014
Answering a critic who says that it is wrong to create animal hybrids and that God is opposed to interracial marriage.

vredefort radiohalos April 13, 2014
Just because a long-ager claims something doesn’t make it so.

Does Bible trump all evidence April 6, 2014
Should creationists stick with their views no matter what the evidence says?

suffering and gospel March 29, 2014
The Gospel inevitably changes the cultures it encounters–and that’s a good thing.

Watchers genetic diversity February 22, 2014
Is there genetic evidence of the Nephilim? And does the genetic diversity of animals today match what we would expect from the biblical account?

What was Adams sin February 9, 2014
Adam’s sin: deliberately choosing to disobey God and so putting his own authority above God’s.

Faithless education February 2, 2014
The claim that modern secular education is not religious, or neutral, is false; it is actually atheism.

Did Adam sin for love January 26, 2014
Correspondents take CMI to task over our ‘attitude’ to Adam.

Dark matter crisis for big bang January 25, 2014
How should creationists respond to claims that dark matter has been found?

Breeding unicorns January 19, 2014
Are there any limits to the production of hybrid animals?

Why so many planets January 18, 2014
Can populated planets arise by chance, and are empty planets a waste of space?

Adam tribe January 12, 2014
Do the ‘years’ of Genesis 5 actually refer to generations?

Ultimate curse adam and eve January 11, 2014
A reader questions ‘omitting’ Adam’s helpmate from blame for the world’s tragic condition.

Creation problem January 5, 2014
Does biblical creation distract from the Gospel?

Old earth no answer January 4, 2014
An old-earth fails to deal with the major point raised in a CMI article. In fact, he actually makes the point and ignores four fundamental problems.