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Justice mercy December 31, 2016
We answer a question about God’s justice and whether it is loving for God to require belief to be saved.

Theistic evolution December 24, 2016
Theistic evolution denies the doctrine of marriage, union with Christ and the need for a redeemer

Irreducible complexity and cul-de-sacs December 17, 2016
A skeptical reader is challenged to conduct an experiment for God’s existence.

Confident Christianity December 10, 2016
Is it possible to have a strong faith without first becoming an expert in apologetics?

Mutation rates consistent with creation December 3, 2016
Appealing to natural selection is no rescue device for evolutionists. Mutations simply accumulate too fast.

Should biblical creationists take time to refute atheists? November 26, 2016
Why does CMI give atheists, whose mission is often explicitly antibiblical, the ‘oxygen of publicity’?

Carbon-14 diamonds TalkOrigins November 12, 2016
Carbon-14 in Diamonds is still a problem for evolutionists.

Mutation of PCSK9 beneficial November 5, 2016
Is a mutation that seemingly reduces risk of cardiovascular disease an example of evolution in action?

Creation week in stone October 15, 2016
Do the different rationales for the Sabbath in Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 mean God didn’t inscribe the Creation week rationale of Exodus 20 in stone?

The rock cycle October 8, 2016
Is it a valid concept

Ica stones bad arguments October 1, 2016
Do these controversial finds provide a good argument against deep time?

Evolution rational minds September 24, 2016
A correspondent asks for help defending the argument from reason against critics.

Trinity hypostatic union August 27, 2016
How can Jesus be God if he does not know what the Father knows?

Respectful disagreement August 20, 2016
Is disagreement of other worldviews disrespectful and what’s love got to do with it?

Refuting Noahs ark critics August 13, 2016
Article ‘How did all the animals fit on Noah’s Ark?’ has recently been subjected to a barrage of atheistic attacks. However, all fail against simple genetics and animal husbandry methods.

Atheist arguments August 6, 2016
We respond to a list of skeptical arguments against the Bible and Christianity.

Miracle natural explanation July 30, 2016
We show how naturalism can’t sufficiently explain the miracles.

No fish on noahs ark July 23, 2016
And other misconceptions about Noah’s cargo.

Wrong radiometric dates logic July 16, 2016
Radiometric dating methods often give wrong dates for rocks. Some critics argue that creationists shouldn’t point this out, because the methods should not have been used in the first place.

Seeing is believing for evolutionists July 9, 2016
An evolutionist challenges creationists to look at what he considers is strong evidence for his position: different modes of birth among otherwise related creatures.

Starlight transit problem July 2, 2016
And do various biblical miracles have the same problem?

Gay Christian June 25, 2016
We tackle a sensitive and controversial question.

Evidence and evolutionary bias June 18, 2016
Evolutionists promote an ‘evidence-first’ approach, but fail to see that their own philosophical evolutionary bias blinds them to evidence for the God of the Bible.

Process theism and biblical creation June 11, 2016
Is process theology compatible with the Bible?

Historical science and miracles June 4, 2016
Biblical creation deals with the relation between historical science and miracles, which methodological naturalism ignores before considering the evidence.

Torah historical May 28, 2016
Is history vs. myth a modern distinction?

Wagging finger May 21, 2016
Answering a critic who scolds creationists on moral and intellectual grounds.

Creation encourages believers May 14, 2016
Encouraging testimonies tell about lives changed because of creation information!

Living things created May 7, 2016
Answering an atheist who insists design is an illusion.

Plato and Christianity April 30, 2016
Are Christianity’s roots found in Plato’s philosophy or Old Testament revelation?

Incest Noah family April 16, 2016
Why there’s no problem establishing the human population from the eight survivors of Noah’s Flood

No death before fall April 2, 2016
A correspondent asks: Was there really no death before the Fall? What about bugs and bee stingers?

Purpose for arguments March 26, 2016
Dealing with the frustration of our best arguments falling on deaf ears.

God miracles and logic March 19, 2016
Does God do miracles arbitrarily?

Premarital sex March 12, 2016
Why does God forbid it?

Crop breeding not evolution March 5, 2016
The idea that plant breeding supports evolution doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

Stromatoporoids oil Alberta Canada February 13, 2016
Children’s book challenge—answers to questions about fossils, the origin of oil, and the geology of Canada.

Does the Bible condemn homosexuality February 6, 2016
We answer the questions: Does the Bible really condemn homosexuality? And, is the order of creation important?

Other interpretations Genesis January 30, 2016
Should we allow more room for those with different views of creation?

Atheist disbelief argument January 23, 2016
When atheists argue against creation, they mostly refuse to accept that they are taking an evolutionary faith position.

Roman catholicism science January 16, 2016
Does CMI purposefully ignore all Roman Catholic contributions to science?

Did God create time January 9, 2016
Communicating God’s transcendent uniqueness to people of other religions.

Biblical creation truth January 2, 2016
The only real way?