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Adam and Eve blood types December 29, 2018
Since God made Eve from Adam’s rib, would their blood types be identical? So how do we explain different blood types now?

Bodily functions before the Fall? December 22, 2018
How helpful are our ideas of beauty and disgust at gauging what the pre-Fall world was like?

Disagreement December 15, 2018
Responding to correspondents who take exception to our recent articles about Andy Stanley.

Carbon dating—who is fooling whom? December 8, 2018
Response to a correspondent who had taken a CMI writer to task, claiming that 14C, dendrochronology, and uranium-thorium (U-Th) dating techniques are trustworthy.

Is the resurrection physical or spiritual? December 1, 2018
Answering some misconceptions about our eternal existence.

Homosexuality and Christianity November 27, 2018
Responding to a “Christian psychiatrist” on homosexuality and transgenderism.

Why refer someone to a pastor? November 17, 2018
Someone questions why we would advise someone to speak further with their pastor.

Questions about Noah’s Flood November 10, 2018
Why did God make Noah's Flood so destructive? Why put animals on the Ark God knew would go extinct after the Flood?

Confidence in the face of death November 3, 2018
How do we know the truth about what happens after we die?

Whale evolution: Are Maiacetus inuus, Indohyus, and Dorudon ‘missing links’? October 27, 2018
Are Maiacetus, Indohyus, and Dorudon missing links that prove whale evolution?

Poorly used design October 20, 2018
Does misuse of a designed object imply it was designed poorly?

Supernovae and gamma-ray bursts in a biblical cosmology October 13, 2018
When did stars explode, and how can we see their light under a biblical time frame? Are they compatible with a very good creation?

Aliens and the Bible September 29, 2018
Should we leave room for the possibility of sentient aliens?

Divine hiddenness September 22, 2018
Is non-belief in God ever ultimately reasonable?

Humanism: neither healthy, nor humane September 18, 2018
Chaplains are religious representatives operating in secular institutions. Since humanism is allegedly non-religious, is not a ‘humanist chaplain’ an oxymoron, revealing humanism’s blatant double standards?

God and beauty September 15, 2018
Does evolution produce real beauty without the need for God?

Creation is not a salvation issue, but it is a Gospel issue September 1, 2018
Responding to someone who wonders why we bother writing certain articles.

Is speciation different from evolution? August 18, 2018
Biblical Creation predicts and requires rapid speciation!

Proving Jesus' resurrection without the Bible? July 28, 2018
Do we need the Bible to argue for Jesus’ resurrection?

Do something about Mammoth Cave, Kentucky July 21, 2018
It turns people away from trusting the Bible.

A personal cause for the universe? July 14, 2018
Is a non-sentient entity a viable cause for the beginning of the universe?

Must people hear the Gospel to come to faith June 23, 2018
How many ways has God told us there are to come to faith?

Why no mention of the Ice Age in the Bible? June 16, 2018
Why is it not mentioned in the Bible?

Will Heaven ever get boring June 9, 2018
A reader asks: Will Heaven ever get boring? How would you respond?

Uniformitarian dogma vs the Bible June 2, 2018
Answering a number of questions about science and the Bible.

Hell trinity May 26, 2018
Response to a friendly critic who says CMI is too theologically “judgmental”.

Does the Bible say polygamy is wrong? May 19, 2018
We answer: Were all Cain’s descendants wicked? And does the Bible say that polygamy is sinful?

Do oral traditions have any authority? May 12, 2018
How should Christians think about oral traditions and other claimed non-biblical sources of religious authority?

God's love: Conditional? May 5, 2018
A reader asks, if God is loving, why would He kill all those people in a Flood?

How to resolve creation vs evolution debates April 28, 2018
How to assess arguments and make better ones

what did sea creatures eat pre-Fall April 21, 2018
What fish ate before the Fall

Simultaneous causation and the beginning of time April 14, 2018
Can causes operate at the same time as their effects?

Noahs Flood explains boulder deposits April 9, 2018
When rocks are found great distances from their place of origin, what explanation best fits such an occurrence?

Does God judge sinners? April 7, 2018
And how does Jesus’ death allow sinners to go free and be reconciled to God?

Is the Bible’s historical record reliable? March 24, 2018
Does the Bible’s record of Sennacherib’s attack of Jerusalem contradict extrabiblical historical records?

Nagging doubts March 17, 2018
Answering the question, “What if I’m wrong about God and the afterlife?”

Sinners and saints regardless of race March 10, 2018
The best and worst of humanity can be found in people of all races.

Permafrost March 3, 2018
Is there enough time for permafrost to form in the biblical timeframe?

Gay marriage feelings February 17, 2018
But are feelings and experiences the best way to determine Jesus’ view?

Was Jesus an alien? February 10, 2018
How can we show the absurdity of the ‘alien Jesus’ idea?

Noahs Flood the big picture February 3, 2018
Learning to see Noah’s Flood in geological maps and reports.

The fossil record and Precambrian rabbits January 27, 2018
Why unexpected fossil finds won’t falsify evolution.

Does your brain make your decisions before you do? January 20, 2018
Answering a feedback about how to interpret neuroscience experiments.

How can we tell when the Bible condones what it records? January 13, 2018
The Bible contains records of people doing terrible things. How can we tell when the Bible gives us negative versus positive examples?