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Genesis historical narrative December 28, 2019
What does the grammar of Genesis tell us, and is this the only indicator of historical narrative.

Defining terms carefully December 14, 2019
How should we define terms like ‘evolution’, ‘atheism’, and ‘religion’?

Most influential facts for creation? December 7, 2019
Are there some evidences for creation that are more effective than others?

How could a loving God send a global Flood? November 30, 2019
The Flood was an expression of God’s just wrath against sin.

Could thorns have existed outside of Eden, and what about the Framework Hypothesis? November 23, 2019
Could thorns have existed outside of Eden? What about the Framework Hypothesis? And how certain are we that Genesis 1:1–2:3 is history?

How can so many scientists be wrong on the age of the earth? November 16, 2019
The Bible provides the foundations for the answers

Have scientists proved that the earth is old? November 9, 2019
Do all scientists believe in an old earth? The fatal flaws of radioactive and tree-ring dating and the flat earth myth.

Creationism doesn’t kill! November 2, 2019
Instead, it grounds the life-giving message of the Gospel in history.

Equal airtime to deep time? October 26, 2019
Should CMI give equal airtime to ‘billions of years’ ideas at our meetings?

NT reliability October 19, 2019
Were Paul’s letters coauthored? And are the resurrection accounts really plausible?

Ok to be a blunt instrument? October 12, 2019
A friend of the ministry asks, didn’t Jesus and Paul use nasty language toward their opponents? We give an answer.

Can the Hebrew word ‘bara’ be translated as re-create? October 5, 2019
Can the Hebrew word ‘bara’ be translated as re-create and did God re-create this world based on an previously existing Earth?

Killing babies is wrong September 28, 2019
Abortion is wrong. But some women can’t afford a baby. How would you respond?

Christians differing views September 14, 2019
God inspired the Bible as completely accurate. So why does He allow us to have different opinions?

Resurrection details September 7, 2019
A reader asks: Why would the women take spices to the tomb when Jesus was entombed with 75 pounds of spices? How would you respond?

Is biblical creation anti-science? August 31, 2019
We respond to a number of comments critical of ‘science-rejecting’ creationists.

Can mutations lead to new genetic information? A necessary clarification August 17, 2019
An extra copy of a gene is new information, but not a new kind of information – evolution still doesn’t happen!

Is Genesis poetic? July 27, 2019
Doesn’t Genesis explain the “why” and ‘science’ the “how”?

God is love July 20, 2019
Is God forced to be loving by his nature?

Faith worth sharing July 13, 2019
A touching testimony shows exactly why we do what we do.

Could chemical evolution produce DNA? June 29, 2019
Could DNA building blocks have formed in a primordial soup? How to think about chemical evolution papers.

Were stem cell-like organisms the first forms of life? June 22, 2019
Stem cell-like ancestors of sponges only make early life more complex, and the probability of evolution less likely.

Jesus: right on Genesis! June 15, 2019
If Jesus taught a historical Genesis, so should we.

Prove God exists? June 8, 2019
A skeptic says that creation is fictional because we haven’t proved that God exists. Is he right?

Earth age, big bang, nature of science June 1, 2019
Is there such a thing as “the best scientific evidence for creation or a young earth”? Soft tissue in dino bones, carbon-14 in diamonds, big bang problems.

Creation isn’t science? May 25, 2019
A critic says creation isn’t science. How would you respond?

Genesis as history May 18, 2019
An old, discredited interpretation?

Does God cause Down syndrome? May 11, 2019
How can someone be “fearfully and wonderfully made” if they have disabilities like Down Syndrome?

Defending the resurrection May 4, 2019
How would you answer these objections to the most central event to our faith?

Doubt and the Cambrian explosion April 27, 2019
Does lengthening the ‘timeframe’ of the Cambrian explosion make it easier for evolutionists to explain?

Is the fossil record ‘overwhelming evidence for evolution’? April 20, 2019
No, it's evidence for Creation!

Precambrian geology and the Flood April 13, 2019
Where do the lowest rocks in the rock record fit in the biblical timeframe?

Geological interpretation of Apsley Falls, Australia April 6, 2019
How published geological reports help develop a biblical interpretation.

Starting from Genesis or geology? March 30, 2019
What is the best way to approach the study of Genesis and the rocks?

Clueless about the origin of human consciousness March 23, 2019
Well-funded YouTube video falls far short in explaining how consciousness evolved

Biblical inerrancy and the age of the earth March 16, 2019
Everyone is on a journey.

Find creation based education in astronomy and geology March 9, 2019
What colleges would you recommend for my children?

Origin of the Carrickfergus salt deposits, County Antrim, Northern Ireland March 2, 2019
When did they form and how?

Barcodes, unclean animals, and skeletal mutations questions February 23, 2019
Answering genetics questions from our readers.

How could Noah's Ark have survived the flood? February 16, 2019
What with all the waves, water jets, hurricanes, and ocean heat?

Medicine and Miracles February 9, 2019
God can do miracles, so is getting medical care a sign of lacking faith?

Neanderthals pre-flood? February 2, 2019
A questioner asks: Did Neanderthals live before the Flood?

Evolutionists disagree on how evolution happens January 26, 2019
There is more than one view among evolutionary researchers on how new biological structures arise.

Biocentrism January 19, 2019
What is ‘biocentrism? Is it a better explanation for the fine-tuning of the cosmos than the biblical God?

The remarkable landscape around Provadia, Bulgaria January 12, 2019
Formed by Noah’s Flood

The Alvis Delk human-dino footprints artefact January 5, 2019
Is it an ancient fossil indicating dino-human coexistence or a modern hoax?