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Phenomenological heavens February 4, 2023
Does the phenomenological interpretation of Genesis 1:20 lead down a slippery slope?

Should biblical creationists take time to refute atheists? January 28, 2023
Why does CMI give atheists, whose mission is often explicitly antibiblical, the ‘oxygen of publicity’?

Debunking Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse TV series January 21, 2023
Graham Hancock’s popular Netflix TV series, Ancient Apocalypse, challenges the evolutionary status quo, proposing civilization is older than claimed, however, his ideas are not friendly to biblical history either.

Doubts about design and the resurrection January 14, 2023
Showing how it's reasonable to doubt universal common ancestry and accept that Jesus' tomb was empty.

Does the scientific method have anything to do with faith? January 7, 2023
A correspondent writes into CMI thanking Gavin Cox for his article on Premier’s Unbelievable but challenges the idea that the scientific method has anything to do with faith.