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Creation 24(2):5, March 2002

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Sea silly

The former Keiko (Free Willy) Aquarium in Newport, Oregon, has been converted to an exhibit of sea life. On the wall in the entrance is the pro-evolution quote from John F. Kennedy claiming that we have ‘the exact same percentage of salt in our blood that exists in the ocean’. We highlighted the scientific inaccuracy of that quote to the director, sending him (with his gracious agreement) the information from Creation magazine Presidents and evolution (22(4):56) and your Web site. We encouraged him to check out further scientifically accurate information from those sources. I pray God will move him.

Oregon, USA.

Dino dilemma

The 24(1):7 Focus item on T. rex mentions it couldn’t run because ‘its thighbone was longer than its shinbone.’ I believe my thighbone is longer than my shinbone and I can run quite well. Is this a misprint or am I missing something? Or do I need to review my anatomy a bit? P.S. I love your magazine.

Iowa, USA.

An understandable query, but not a misprint. Focus items are tight for space, but we should perhaps have put in this additional information from the source referenced: ‘Bipedal predators typically have very short thighs and very long shins, a combination that gives them great speed.’—Ed.

Navajo news

Carl Wieland’s ‘Brave warriors with words’ (23(4):44-46) is a great story, and it is good to know credit is being given to the Navajos for their vital role in WWII.

The claim that Navajo ‘is an unwritten language with no alphabet or symbols’ is no longer the case; the Navajo New Testament was published in 1956.

Beckenham,Western Australia.

I enjoyed the article on the Navajo, featuring the photo of the Marines hoisting Old Glory. Did you know that one of the soldiers hoisting that flag is himself a Navajo? [A reader caught a correction on this feedback, that Ira Hayes, the one farthest on the left in the photo, was actually a Pima Indian from Arizona.—Ed.]

Professor-Emeritus, Presbyterian Theological College, Queensland, Australia.

Sensitivity sought

As an avid reader of Creation I was very disappointed with ‘Rape and Evolution’ (23(4)). There was no hint of grace or love in this interview, rather the interviewer came across as arrogant and proud as he ‘bulldozed’ his Christian perspective across to the unfortunate unbeliever. Please don’t include articles where Christians are portrayed as insensitive know-it-alls no matter how right they may be.

Washington, USA.

Madalyn murder

The skeptic Voltaire’s fears of being murdered and robbed if his hired help were to no longer believe in God may have been justified. If Madalyn Murray O’Hair (the prominent atheist who got prayer out of US schools and was subsequently found dead under suspicious circumstances) had hired God-fearing help she might still be alive today.

New Jersey, USA.

Professing probabilities

In ‘Salty Saga’ (Creation23(4):15) the evolutionist professor Vreeland is cited as saying that a less-than-one-in-a-million chance virtually guarantees the impossibility of an event. Now, with evolution’s chances being exponentially smaller than one-in-a-million, hasn’t the prof. just talked himself into a philosophical corner?

Queensland, Australia.

Copy congrats

I really liked the article ‘Copy challenge’ by Alexander Williams in the September 2001 Creation. It was very clear, readable and most importantly, it was Bible-based truth. As a 17-year-old home-schooled student, I find your articles very educational as they teach me more about the Bible and Creation.

Ohio, USA.

Foundation fracturing

Let’s think like the enemy: you walk into a church, and see a group of people. It is hard, like a diamond, in its unity. How do you break that unity?

You cast doubt and discord on the common point: the Bible. Claim that the first two chapters of Genesis are contradictory, or that the days of Genesis 1 were long periods of time, then, if this is accepted, each concept in the Bible will fall like dominoes.

If a nation’s constitution had its first two pages ripped out, would there be a constitution? There would merely be an imperfect concept, something vague, to bind together the population, which becomes merely an income source and a power base, and which serves no other purpose.

In the late 1800s, when church attendance was 85% (it is now 5%), the means of fracturing a church’s hold over society became an attack on Genesis; Answers in Genesis is the correcting mechanism.

New South Wales, Australia.

Witnessing weapon

Your magazine is wonderful. Our family just discovered it and it will give us opportunity to witness to liberal and/or lost friends and loved ones so we share our copies and give gift subscriptions.

What a tragedy it is when so-called ‘Christian authorities’ say that believing the Biblical account of Creation is an option. The faith once delivered comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. The Gospel I love is ‘according to the Scriptures’. I believe Moses and Jesus.

Thank you so much for providing an excellent publication that not only gives us facts and scientific data consistent with the Biblical account of Creation, but you so beautifully put it into perspective as relating to salvation.

Arkansas, USA.