Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi (1979). He has lived in the Atlanta area since 1979. He is married with two children. Gary is a member of Midway Presbyterian Church (PCA).

Gary is president of American Vision, a Christian educational and communications organization whose purpose is to help Christians in their development of a comprehensive Biblical worldview.

Gary is the author of twenty books on a full range of topics. He is also the general editor and author of A New World in View (1996) and Reformation to Colonization (1997), the first two volumes in the To Pledge Allegiance history textbook series.

Gary has been interviewed by Time magazine, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the BBC, Sean Hannity and has done numerous radio and television interviews, including the Bible Answer Man. Newspaper interviews with Gary have also appeared in the Washington Times, Toledo (Ohio) Blade, the Sacramento Bee, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution, and the Chicago Tribune.

American Vision also publishes the Biblical Worldview, a monthly magazine edited by Gary. For further information about the work of American Vision and a sample copy of the Biblical Worldview write to American Vision, 3150A Florence Rd. SW, Powder Springs, GA 30127 or call 1-800-628-9460 or 770-222-7266.

Some of Gary's articles are as follows:

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