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Gay Marriage—a big stick to beat the church with


Published: 6 March 2014 (GMT+10)
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A line in the sand issue for Christians

Currently in the US and many other countries, so-called ‘gay marriage’ is being promoted via the media. In the secular, politically correct world we live in, the reporting of this issue is rarely balanced and dissenting views are treated as marginal. For example, at the time of writing, laws opposing homosexual behavior (or at the very least, not condoning it) in countries such as Russia and Uganda have made international headlines. One supposedly apolitical radio station here in the US called NPR (National Public Radio—it is funded by donations) described them as ‘draconian’ laws. Because legal acceptance of gay marriage is being celebrated as a victory for civil liberties, it seems as if the media is really out to shame any country, person or group who does not toe the politically correct line on this issue. So this will be an increasing challenge to churches and Christians.

Will religious views be exempt?

To some extent, common sense has prevailed on this issue in the past by allowing dissenting views under the banner of religious freedom, and individuals who have publicly spoken out against homosexual unions have generally been exempt from prosecution. Inside churches, Christians have been safe, but the tide is turning rapidly because the exemptions can be easily overturned. For example, in our booklet Gay Marriage: right or wrong? And who decides? we documented the case of a Swedish pastor who was actually jailed for delivering an anti gay marriage sermon from his pulpit—that’s right—in church!

Recently, the owners of a Colorado bakery faced a year in prison for refusing to make a cake for a homosexual couple who wanted to celebrate their recent marriage. A spokesperson for the ACLU who filed a complaint against the bakery said:

“Religious freedom is a fundamental right in America and it’s something that we champion at the ACLU … We are all entitled to our religious beliefs and we fight for that. But someone’s personal religious beliefs don’t justify breaking the law by discriminating against others in the public sphere.”1

Such volatile actions by the gay lobby are actually causing churches and individual Christians to retreat from engaging this issue for fear of being branded and out of step with the culture, and worse still, actually having to break the law. And this is exactly what the gay lobby wants. In response to this some governments in the more conservative southern states in America are trying to formulate laws that will protect Christians from being targeted by militant gay lobby groups seeking to force their agenda onto unwilling participants. But there have been public demonstrations in some of these States opposing such legislation (by a vocal minority that the media loves to overplay). So it is doubtful that they will be very successful in passing legislation that provides religious exemptions for Christians and others of faith.

Discrimination? On what basis?

Even the black mayor of a major US city in the conservative South (Atlanta) said that he would look to change laws in favour of gay marriage. He likened the ‘struggle’ of homosexuals to the discrimination and battle for equal rights that many blacks faced in the US years ago. When Christians hear such emotional wrangling they unwittingly get hooked up by the misinformed rhetoric that surrounds the debate. But there are double standards at play because it is seemingly only the Christian worldview—the one that underpins most of our Western societies—that has to change. In Toronto, Canada, a lesbian woman went to a Muslim owned barbershop (because she wanted a man’s haircut). Under Sharia law the Muslim men who ran the shop are not allowed to touch a woman’s hair other than that of their own immediate families. When the lesbian complained, The Human Rights Commission intervened and demanded that the barbers cut her hair, even after the barbers offered to have someone else cut her hair. One wonders why she didn’t just go somewhere else. But, note, in this case, the Muslims’ refusal was not based upon her sexual preference but just the fact she was a woman (in a men’s barber shop!). Perhaps this is why the case only went to mediation whereas many Christian owners in the same position have been threatened with criminal prosecution and possible jail terms. There are plenty of female only and men only establishments in all sorts of service industries so the complaint is ridiculous. Of course this woman, like many in the gay lobby, wants to pick a fight and force others to accept her lifestyle. But she refuses to accept anyone else’s religious ‘preferences’. Christians need to show similar resolve to these Muslims when it comes to matters of defending our faith.

As was said in the Toronto Sun:

“They’ve ordered bed and breakfasts owned by Christian families to take in gay couples. They’ve censored pastors and priests who have criticized gay marriage. Gays win, because it’s a test of who is most outraged and offended. But in the case of the Muslim barbers, the gay activists have met their match.”2

A civil rights issue?

But how does this issue get linked to racial discrimination? First, we need to recognize the subtle language change used to describe a person’s sexual preference. Instead of being called a ‘preference’ anymore, it is described as a person’s ‘sexual orientation’. In short, someone can no more help being ‘born’ a homosexual than they can choose their shade of skin at birth. The ‘born that way’ argument is one of the many myths used to defend gay marriage. One of the motivations for writing the aforementioned booklet (coauthored with my colleague Lita Cosner) was because of something my youngest daughter shared with me. At the time she was attending a local college (university here in Atlanta, US). She told me that whenever the topics of abortion or gay marriage were raised in the classroom, she was actually shocked at how many professing Christian youth were in favour of same. (Christian parents please take note. It may be prudent to ask your own children their opinions on these issues).

She said they would raise the stereotypical arguments like:

  • It’s unloving and discriminatory to oppose gay marriage.
  • It’s acceptable if they love each other.
  • Ten percent of the population is homosexual and so this represents a significant portion of the population.
  • Homosexuality is normal in the animal kingdom.
  • And of course, the idea that homosexuality is a genetic predisposition.

We are all born that way!


In our booklet we deal with all of these claims and many more. On the last item we would agree that people can feel like they have a predisposition to act as a homosexual (although there is no evidence for it having a genetic basis). We accept the fact that many people, including Christians and members of their family do actually struggle with such desires, and in many cases they feel powerless to control them. But what if someone feels similarly emotional desires to steal, commit arson, or even to murder? And many do. The fact is that we all have a propensity to sin—we are all born that way and so it is part of our nature. But this is not recognized for what it is, because the real issue is that traditional Judeo-Christian values based upon God's Word are being rejected in favour of a human-centered view of the world. After all, if there is no Creator God who made us, then humans are ultimately free to embark upon any lifestyle they wish as long as it doesn’t break any laws. But if enough people feel disposed to indulge in a certain lifestyle then the laws can continually be changed to accommodate ever-increasing sinful behaviours. After all, we can’t discriminate … right?

The tragedy in all of this is that because laws are being changed to appease such behavior, along with increasing pressure upon the church to conform, it is becoming more difficult to help people struggling with addictive behaviours to receive help—and the ultimate help of course, is freedom from sin that comes through salvation in Christ. Part of recognizing that all humanity is fallen and needs help goes back to the events in the Garden of Eden, but the book of Genesis is under attack like never before due to the one-sided teaching of evolution in practically every country in the world. A further tragedy is the increasing acceptance in the church of evolution (or theistic evolution) at the hands of groups like Biologos, who teach such a low view of Scripture (and original sin) that it is barely recognizable as Christianity.

One church at a time and one individual at a time

Christians should not sit on the fence on this issue. Indeed, the purpose of this article is to demonstrate that gay marriage is not an issue Christians can ignore. It will increasingly be used as a club to beat Christians into submission and silence. And also, as demonstrated earlier, our children in colleges are being exposed to emotional arguments that cause them to reject the authority of Scripture. The origins of this debate, although not immediately obvious to many, stems from the foundational beliefs about where we (humans) think we came from. It's crucial to the cultural thinking that is generating the changes we are seeing in our societies today. In response we need to teach critical thinking skills to all Christians who will encounter the gay marriage rhetoric. We won’t win by just changing laws. A culture and even a country are changed by winning minds and hearts for Christ. In short, a heart change is required, but we often need to deal with the surrounding arguments that are causing deceitful hearts to reject God.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:4–5).

This is part of the Great Commission given to us:

“in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect” (emphasis mine, 1 Peter 3:15).

Buy in bulk and save

Our little booklet Gay Marriage: right or wrong? And who decides? has received lots of positive reviews from families who needed information to help deal with this issue, and for its nice tone. It contains some wonderful testimonies of former homosexuals who have been set free from their bondage to sin. We’ve also had several churches order many hundreds of copies to give out to their congregation and in particular their youth, to help them when encountering opposition or arguments to defend gay marriage. If you click on the links to our store you will see substantial discounts for bulk purchases.

The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.” [and even homosexuals] (Romans 1:16).

Update: 05 September 2015

The above article CMI predicted that in the wake of the Obergefell decision Christians would face difficulties and maybe even persecution based on their faithfulness to Scripture against the immoral gay marriage ruling. This has been confirmed, as Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis was jailed on 3 September 2015 for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. The judge who jailed her said that she would remain in jail until she complies. This, in effect, imposes a religious test on elected officials—a faithful Christian cannot comply with gay marriage laws, because Christianity teaches that homosexuality is a sin and a violation of God’s created order.3 Ultimately, this is religious persecution by the government and something that Christians should be actively protesting against. As this article said, it is a ‘line in the sand’ issue. If we don’t draw the line here, more persecution on a range of issues will follow.

Note: some have written in to alert us to the fact that Kim Davis belongs to a Oneness Pentacostal church, which denies the Trinity and is therefore outside the bounds of Christianity. While this is true, the Kim Davis case has definite implications for those who wish to live out their faith in all areas of their lives.

References and notes

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Helpful Resources

Gay Marriage: right or wrong?
by Gary Bates, Lita Cosner
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Readers’ comments

Dillon V.
Thanks for producing your excellent material. I bought a copy of your booklet for a pastor friend of mine who supported gay marriage. I don't know the outcome but am praying that the logical arguments help her see the truth.
Chris E.
I really appreciate this page. As a Christian pastor in the USA, I expect the time is coming when I'll be forced to same-sex marriages; which means I'll drop out of the marriage 'business' completely. Its sad the beating that those who trust in what God's word says are taking. We need to be in prayer for each other.
Gary Bates
Thank you sir. We agree that it will only get worse. I think you would greatly benefit from the booklet mentioned in the article. It is bite sized but has some very powerful, antidote type arguments.
M. M.
My sins are not always outwardly visible but I still sin as a born-again Jesus Christ follower. I struggle with my flesh (pride, gluttony, sloth, vanity, greed, etc) yet, because I am born into a new life with Christ, the old keeps passing away and behold the new keeps coming. My identity is in Christ. Jesus calls me to Himself and although I will never be perfect here on earth, my desire is to follow Him and to obey Him and to let Him live in me and be my Lord and Savior. I am so glad Jesus came not to judge but to seek and to save the lost. I am no longer my own because I was bought with a price, the precious blood of Jesus and His suffering, shame and criminal's death on a cross, which was meant for me. I hope and pray that all practicing homosexuals could come to know this living hope for themselves. Jesus loves them and calls them to Himself. He came to give them life and life more abundantly. He alone can give the true identity and fulfillment that we all seek. [...Reference to outside sources deleted per feedback rules...] We are all humans created in the image of God. If that’s the case, we don’t make our identity; we receive it. But what does that look like? And what happens when our identity gets terribly messed up? The promise of Jesus is a restoration of our true and given identity..." - See more at: [...Deleted per feedback rules...].
Walt W.
We must understand that only God (who is Jesus in the flesh) can create. Satan can only corrupt or pervert the things of God for evil. Lets look at intercourse. God created it as a gift for the husband(male) and wife (female) to enjoy. Satan has perverted it into porn, homosexuality, adultery, fornication, sodomy, bestiality etc. Having been both a fornicator and porn watcher I can understand the lust of those sins. Yet when I was born again I also understand that light and darkness cannot occupy the same space. Jesus and sin do not mix. I have the propensity to sin, yet Jesus gives us a way out if we are willing to obey God and resist Satan. Jesus came to set the sinner free, whatever that sin may be and to give you eternal life. We must choose daily to follow Jesus or we will follow evil. Daily we must die to our self (pick up our cross and follow Him). Look cry out to Jesus He will never turn His back on you. He will free you from the bondage of sin and set you upon the Rock of Salvation Jesus Christ the LORD.
Joe J.
Have you noticed how our Nation will diagnose 7 year old boys who don't like to sit still at a desk for 7 hours a day with a 'mental disorder' and prescribe them powerful psychotropic drugs in order to 'treat' them. Yet, if that boy wanted to have sexual relations with another boy, that is called 'normal, natural and healthy'. Homosexuality used to be considered a mental disorder. Ironic, because if there is one behavior that should be considered to be the most obvious uncontested example of a mental disorder, would it not be homosexuality? Instead, if this comment were to be read on msnbc or any other mainstream media outlet, it would be labeled as 'bigoted hate speech' and considered as indicative of a mental disorder of 'intolerance', lol.
Thomas D.
This is one more event in a long list of events that point to a promise that is found in our Bible. John 14:1-3 (TLB) "Let not your heart be troubled. You are trusting God, now trust in me. There are many homes up there where my Father lives, and I am going to prepare them for your coming. When everything is ready, then I will come and get you, so that you can always be with me where I am. If this weren’t so, I would tell you plainly." Maranatha

William W.
Thank you for tackling this issue head-on Gary. I agree wholeheartedly with this article and your tactful, respectful approach. If our offences to some folks are caused by what God has said to everyone all along, then so be it. As you have said to "Richard S.,...", " If you don't accept what the Bible says then you truly cannot be a follower of Christ." I say the same thing to those who believe in evolution.
Mike W.
Good title. If one disagrees with gay marriage you are accused of being "bigoted/ homophobic/ hateful/ ignorant" etc etc. Such rhetoric is designed to close the debate down as soon as possible under the banner of "This has been decided already." The same tactic is attempted with the creation/ evolution debate.
S. W.
Thanks for the quality article sharing the Bible's truth on this subject. I would like to make people aware of the Mass Resistance. There is a video there showing the frightening and sickening reality of what 10 years of legalized same sex 'marriage' has done in that state. It is not speculation it is historical fact of how the next demand is in the area of school education. Bless your work.
Blake H.
A friend of mine sent this to me last year. After he read the following his mind was changed. As was mine: Is it possible to be a gay Christian? If the phrase “gay Christian” refers to a person who struggles against homosexual desires and temptations – yes, a “gay Christian” is possible. However, the description “gay Christian” is not accurate for such a person, since he/she does not desire to be gay, and is struggling against the temptations. Such a person is not a “gay Christian,” but rather is simply a struggling Christian, just as there are Christians who struggle with fornication, lying, and stealing. If the phrase “gay Christian” refers to a person who actively, perpetually, and unrepentantly lives a homosexual lifestyle – no, it is not possible for such a person to truly be a Christian.
Ricardo M.
Sodomite "rights" are only a can opener to force this rotten "life-style" and perversión on society. It won´t stop at that, soon child molesters, rapists, drug dealers, pornographers, thieves, murderers and the like will also claim their rights. Every deviant, bizarre or antisocial behavior could find a moral alibi and demand a higher status for itself. But what´s even worse is that latter day apostate christianity is going along with this downgrading, antibiblical trend.
Kyle S.
Very good points on the topic of homosexual acceptance and Christianity, I agree with your article fully. The idea that love in a sexual sense is open to any gender is a mutation of the plan of God. It shows the a devolution of the human mentality to accept that on one hand gender, which is defined by the presence of organs and chromosomes, is a choice, and on the other that sexuality, determined by certain functions of the brain, is not a choice. I actually have the most respect for the homosexuals I know that admit it is a choice.

Homosexuality is a satanic manipulation on the most subtle of scale, but it is among others. My personal experience is with rage. There is a line of rage in my family that has been “passed down” in the eyes of the family and friends. I have a inclination to rage and anger, it was accepted as who I am. But the truth is it is a subtle satanic manipulation to make those in my family to accept it as who we are and not try to fight it. And I will tell you that when one day I profess that I am a Christian and the next succumb to rage….I am just as wrong as a Christian homosexual. The difference is that it is not a daily lifestyle, it is a momentary failing. Both are sin and equal to God, but when I repent I am not asking for forgiveness while still in sin (rage). Gay marriage is making a commitment to that sin. It is a covenant that must then be broken to repent, and therefore harder to make the choice to repent. What self respecting Pastor would marry two people into a sin that they must break the commitment they made to each other to be forgiven.

Jesus accepted the adulteress but told her to go and sin no more....he never said he accepted the sin. We accept gays to attend church...just not the sin.
Kathy P.
I think there is a typo in this article. It says in part, "...being branded and out of step with the culture..." I think it should say, "...being branded as out of step with the culture..."
Gary Bates
Thanks Kathy. It was deliberate. I think it works either way. All the best.
Alan J.
Can we please stop using the word "gay"? It's bad enough that political correctness is trying to force us to accept homosexuality as "normal" but do they really have to hijack our language and change the meaning of words too? "Gay" means happy, carefree. In reference to homosexuals and lesbians, the letters are actually an acronym for "Good As You" and I expect that some of them, professionally and humanly, are as good as me. I am absolutely certain that a great many are, professionally and humanly, considerably better than me.

Gary Bates
Yes Alan this is a common complaint and I agree to an extent. But if you reread the article you will note that I was careful not to only use the word 'gay'. I interchanged it frequently with 'homosexual' etc. and tended to use the term when it was being defined by the gay lobby or the media. At the end of the day though, 'Those who define the terms play the game.' Please read Loaded Terms to understand our position on this. In short this is the term that is culturally used and accepted (like evolution). So, in once sense we do acquiesce to their terminology or else we end up fighting on two fronts.
Paul M.
On the subject of gay marriage: Who did Jesus Christ sit down with when he was here? Matthew 9:11 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners? 12 But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick. 13 But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. I can't help but think in the case of the Colorado bakery and the wedding cake, the bakers should have welcomed the gay couple: what an excellent opportunity to share the gospel, with someone you know who really needs it!

Gary Bates
I think you are missing the point here somewhat. Who is condemning homosexual people? Not me or CMI. Like any sinner, they need to hear the Gospel at at the end of the article I said that is the only way to win this issue, that is, winning people everywhere to Christ. And how do you know that the bakers in Colorado did not try to share the Gospel. That is a presumption on your part. Scripture tells us that the Gospel will be offensive to some. Maybe they were offended when the Gospel was preached to them in the bakery. Respectfully, the point you are missing is that Christians are being forced to act contrary to their beliefs. Here's another example. In one State of Australia (a supposedly Western country founded on Christian principles), it is against the law to proselytize to people of another faith. So, in answering your question of why not share the Gospel with gay people who came into your business, what if it was against the law to do so? In the same way you would be forced to break the law to act upon your beliefs.
Kobus V.
It is really unfortunate that the issue of being gay is likened to a genetic pre-disposition similar to that of being born with a certain hair colour, which is then "just the way it is". Even a very respected prominent New York church had a singleness conference recently where a respected gay Christian gave a good presentation. Unfortunately it seems as if abstinence from gay sexual behaviour rescues any Christian gay from being yoked with fornicators et al. The gay issue is marching into the church with a very demanding attitude, on many fronts and the least worries are those on having a different point of view in respect of legislation. The more demanding issue is to uphold a genuine Christian attitude towards even those very popular Christian gays abstaining, but not denouncing being gay. Most African countries are anti-gay from a social and cultural perspective and not so much from Christian religious convictions and therefore the fight in those countries will be centred around the civil rights etc issues. In the meantime the Christian way of life becomes more of a burden and target for hate. It is a prayer that Christ would also rescue the worldwide Bride from these never ending attacks against the Christian moral position.
Stephon L.
Thank you for this article. It is reassuring that there are still some places where the issue of Gay Marriage can be discussed critically.
There has often been aggression and anger directed at myself for defending the Bible on these delicate issues, even from other Christians, but you have dealt with this in a truly loving, caring and dare I say 'tolerant' way. Oh that this article and your booklet be seen by many people. Thank you again!
T. B.
Really appreciate your articles on this subject and every other subject from CMI. I am 48 years old, a Bible-believing Christian who believes things like abortion and gay marriage is wrong. I've also had homoesexual tendencies for years. Does that trumps my faith in Christ when I was saved? Although I don't anymore, I, did, for a while five years ago, indulged in homosexual relationships. And each one ended abruptly, really without any reason. Hopefully that was God getting my out of those relationships, forever which I'm grateful. Just wondered your thoughts on my and others' situation....Can you be gay and a Christian at the same time?
Thanks! God Bless!

Gary Bates
Thanks for being bold enough to share your experiences. I recommend grabbing our booklet--seriously! I think it will help shed light on this issue some more for you. It recognizes the struggle that folks have while not condemning them. It also highlights the struggle that some individuals like yourself have had in being accepted in the church. All the best and God Bless you too.
Stuart R.
People who dabble in homosexual behavior often inherit a spirit of homosexualality. This will offend God. This inturn gives the devil legal right to that person. Then he or she is bound and cannot break free from it but only through the power of Jesus they can be set free. This however this is with all sin, what you sow is what you will reap. I have notice that certain sins seem to result in quite horrible situation. For example homosexualality can and will be the direct result of the most horrific crimes possibly committed. So for people to think that BEING GAY should be embraced are kidding themselves.
John A.
I have just been quietly told by my non Christian friends that their 18 year old son is gay. My response was that I had already picked up on it some time ago. Honestly though, my judgement is not always correct. Unfortunately, this time it was. Now I find that, as a Christian, I am going to have to make some kind of a stand. I wonder why people, some from an early age, seem to have that giveaway homosexual disposition about them, although, face value can sometimes prove to be wrong. I'm being told that they can't help the way they were born and that they have put up with so much hostility in years gone by and that it's now time to be accepting of them. They can be nice people like anybody else but I can never accept what they do. It has menacing undertones which is gaining momentum and history through scripture warns of the outcome. Anyway, I have ordered your booklet to help me out with my poor verbal skills and to deal with the incoming verbal flak. Thankyou.
Gary Bates
Thank you. I am glad you ordered the booklet as it will actually answer all of those points you raised (they are nice people etc.). We've had feedback that it has helped families who've had relatives and friends come 'out of the closet'.
Alan S.
Praise God for a bold and unashamed uncompromising stance upholding scriptural principles. Interestingly, for once I find myself on the side of Muslims, not for their beliefs, but for their firm stand against ungodly laws. Of course they still need Jesus, as I do myself.
Gary H.
A few questions:

1) How could you compare two loving human beings to thieves and murderers?

2) You never hear of Christians denying murders or thieves the right to marriage, why specifically target the LGBT community? How is murder a greater sin than an two same-sex individuals loving each other?

3) What about the liberal Christians that support same-sex matrimonials? What about all the homosexual Christians, what about the clergy?

"As clergy from various different faiths and denominations in Australia, we believe marriage is a fundamental institution in our society.

"It fosters greater commitment between partners, provides children with a sense of security and stability, and strengthens ties with families and communities.

"Marriage is a blessing to be shared, so we encourage people of faith who support marriage equality to voice their support for the reform by responding to the House of Representatives inquiry on same-sex marriage today."

4) Why do you think marriage is a Christian institution/invention?

Sin as a whole is rejected by Christianity. But we are all sinful, this should not motivate us to prevent others whose only sin is loving another human, from having equal rights.

Gary Bates
I don't have the space to answer all your questions here but if you took the time to research the gay marriage issue articles on this site, you will find the answers, But there is one overriding thought that covers all of your arguments. And it is that your reasoning is subjective and human centered as to what is good and wrong or right. As such, if our fundamental starting points on who decides truth or what is right or wrong are different, we will always be talking past each other.

But aside from that, many groups have researched and shown that marriage is indeed a good institution for families, the economy and for children (and indeed public health), but only heterosexual marriages. So you are conflating two different marriage ideas. If you truly desire to seek answers on this I encourage you to get our little booklet. We have enough years of research now to demonstrate that gay relationships produce greater health problems, have lessened percentages per head of home ownership and wealth than the greater population; higher percentages of drug use, violence in relationships and upon outsiders, and worse still that the children reared in such relationships have higher rates of dysfunction in numerous areas compared to those raised in conventional male/female relationships.

Lastly, if you read the Bible (which is where we get our teaching from), while recognizing that we are sinful, fallen creatures, it does not condone or excuse sinful behaviour. Once again, if you read the booklet, we discuss this because there are a number of sinful behaviours that humans are afflicted with. Homosexuality is just one of them.
I thankfully am no longer a christian presisly because of the horibble biggoted ideas that organisations such as yours promote, Jesus was right in promoting love and acceptance but anyone with any will power and critacle thought can not ascribe to your propagander and really know love , this fear of knoledge, science and an open accepting culture is bigotry and fear. The way you try to bend and control people through the distortion of facts is repugnant. You really have no idea why christianity is regarded as a backward marginal cult?
Gary Bates
Actually, your comments reveal that you were probably never a Christian to begin with. Simply, your issue is really not with me, our ministry or Christians, but the teachings of Christ and His Word (the Bible). If you don't accept what the Bible says then you truly cannot be a follower of Christ. No doubt you ascribe to some of the points mentioned in the article, for example, that because homosexual people love each other, then to oppose such ideas is bigoted. That is a man centered view, and you did not address any of the biblical arguments in the article. Such man centered views will always be a shifting boundary. What if I loved someone else's wife? Would that be acceptable? Or perhaps my dog? After all, if man is just another evolved animal what would be wrong with that. So, respectfully. just hurling emotional arguments with no logical basis as to why they are right or wrong does not strengthen your reasoning in any way. Ultimately there has to be an ultimate right or wrong based upon truth. and the Creator is the only one who has the ultimate right to tell us what that is. It looks like your problem is with Him.
Victor B.
It seems to me that that deep down all humans know that certain sexual behaviour is wrong (because of being created in the image of God and having a conscience). All humans know deep down that bestiality, pedophilia, rape, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, adultery etc are wrong. The legalising of such behaviour is an attempt to deny the guilt and appease a seared conscience. (and as some of the examples given in the article - results in the persecution of others who do not promote homosexual behaviour - the agenda is not purely benign). Indeed ultimately it is the gospel of Jesus Christ - his death and resurrection for sinners (all have sinned) that is the only real solution to free us from guilt, the power and penalty of our sins.

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