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Creation 18(4):15, September 1996

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Granite and the Rock of God’s Word

So there’s a lot of evidence for what the Bible says about creation and earth history. OK! But what about the problem areas, the unanswered questions? For instance, many claim that it is impossible to accept recent creation/Flood because there are huge blobs of granite which calculations seem to show would take millions of years to be transported up into the earth’s crust and to cool down slowly from an extremely hot molten state.

It has always been reasonable, especially in light of all the biblical and scientific evidence for Genesis creation, to assume that the existence of such a problem simply implies inadequate information.

As far as this ‘granite problem’ is concerned however, there would now seem to be a glimpse of an answer developing, on the basis of experimental work done by non-creationist geologists. It appears that certain crystals in granite will, unless they are under huge pressures, be destroyed in only decades of high temperature.

For instance, at one particular site, these crystals would not have survived heating at 800 degrees Celsius for more than 50 years close to the earth’s surface! The very idea that whole blobs of molten rock rise slowly through the crust, where they sit slowly cooling for eons, seems to be made untenable by this, so even some evolutionary geologists are now looking at more catastrophic explanations—for example, rapid transport of the melt in smaller pulses very soon after source rock melting, rather than very slowly as a single huge mass.

Much more detailed information on this is in the Perspectives section of the current Technical Journal 10(2). The past few years in creationist geology have brought some exciting developments—advances in creationist plate tectonics, in the matter of metamorphic rocks not needing millions of years of deep burial, and more. Stay tuned—and remember that real creationist research needs your support.