'Hmmm, and I thought you were smart.'

I have recently been involved in a debate in the editorial section of my local newspaper. The debate has been focused on creationism vs. evolution and whether they should be taught side by side in the public schools. (I share AIG's stance that it should not be forced, but teachers who wish to offer alternative science, or at least the weaknesses of the evidence, should have the freedom to do so.) Several of my letters have been published.

Upon seeing a published letter with my name on it, a co-worker approached me and asked if it was me. I assured him it was. His response was, "Hmmm, and I thought you were smart."

Based solely on my belief in creation and a creator God, I was immediatelly labled an intellectual midget, despite ideas to the contrary prior to his knowing my creationist position.

I am not a college graduate unlike my coworker, though I attended several years of Bible College, he has up until that point approached me on work issues he personally could not resolve. Now it seems my intellect is in question and the problems go elsewhere. One can see the bias indescretely displayed.

I appreciate your ministry and your presentation of the truth even under much more concentrated bias. Please keep up the awesome work of your valuable ministry.

John Sears


Published: 4 February 2006